Zl by Zlis Fall Winter 2019 Collection – Who am I?

Fashion is arguably the greatest form of expressive art and the Zl by Zlis Fall Winter 2019 collection might just be the perfect example thereof. Headed up under the creative directorship of Hong Kong artist Zoie Lam, the brand is a unisex ready-to-wear label that was founded in 2014.

Due to Zoie Lam’s work as a successful illustrator, the collection has an edge that comes naturally where other streetwear collections need to try and ‘create’ it. Her expressive illustrations blend harmoniously with the designs to create a bold and very expressive look. As with all art, each piece has a deeper meaning. The Zl by Zlis Fall Winter 2019 collection is based on the question “Who am I”. It explores what consumers take from life.

Zl by Zlism Fall Winter 2019 Zoie Lam

The collection itself is as edgy as the wearer is that it has been designed for. It is an artful way of self-expression and even provides a canvas to create statement-wear outfits. Although unique, it does carry trends that have been spotted throughout this season’s shows. Intricate patterns, the use of typography, layering and oversized pieces are found throughout.

The designer explained that, as with art, each element has meaning. Colours are used as expressions of emotions be it happy or sad. Transparent materials have been incorporated to “represent a window into our inner self”. Another trend, contrast, has also been incorporated as together with transparent materials, reflective fabrics are used as well. Perhaps a poetic statement that we like to portray ourselves to others by merely imitating, reflecting and projecting out what we see as opposed to showing who and what we really are?

It is a bold, colourful and expressive collection that allows the wearer to showcase their emotions, statements and vision for the whole world to see.

The Zl by Zlis Fall Winter 2019 Collection

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