3 Myths About Titanium and Tungsten Mens Rings

Titanium and tungsten are considered two of the ”new age” metals that are quickly making the rounds.

They are becoming the most popular metals out there when it comes to wedding bands too, even more than gold and silver.

However, there isn’t much common knowledge about these two metals, to the point that there have been some rumours and myths about them.

Here are three common myths about titanium and tungsten rings.

They Are Strong Metals

3 Myths About Titanium and Tungsten Mens Rings

When looking for the best men’s rings, you want one that will withstand the test of time. You don’t want a ring that is going to scratch or break after only a few months. One rumour going around is that tungsten, in particular, can be quite brittle and scratch easily, making it a useless metal for a wedding band.

However, that could not be farther from the truth. Tungsten jewellery can be brittle and prone to damage, rings are not made from pure tungsten. They are typically a tungsten carbide, which is an alloy.

This makes it one of the strongest metals around since the carbon adds strength and durability to the metal. Titanium is also quite dense and difficult to scratch, but it is quite durable and light.

They Will Change Colour

3 Myths About Titanium and Tungsten Mens Rings

There is the myth that tungsten and titanium will turn your finger blue. This rumour comes from the belief that these metals are cheap and will rub off on your skin because of their low quality.

Although cheap jewellery can leave behind stains on your skin, the answer to the rumour is to focus on high-quality jewellery.

The higher the quality of tungsten carbide or titanium, the lesser the chance of your fingers becoming stained.

Losing A Finger

3 Myths About Titanium and Tungsten Mens Rings

There is the rumour that if you get a tungsten ring stuck on your finger, the only way to get it off is to cut off the finger itself because the metal is so strong.

It’s a rumour that tungsten and titanium rings cannot be resized, so once you get a ring, you’re stuck with the size of it forever.

Although they are both hard metals, they can easily be removed with any tools that can be used to remove gold and silver rings. They can be easily resized too, so if you need to move a size up, you can. So don’t fear that you’ll have to lose a finger if you can’t get your ring off.

Myths are often used to dissuade people from investing in certain materials, especially when it comes to wedding bands. Instead of listening to the rumours, do some research of your own to see for yourself the veracity of their claims. You might find they’re more wrong than you could ever imagine.

3 Myths About Titanium and Tungsten Mens Rings

If you’re in the realm of looking at men’s rings, speak to a jeweller, who will tell you the truth about tungsten and titanium so that you can make the best choice possible.

You don’t want to be stuck with a substandard ring that isn’t everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

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