5 Unique Wedding Gifts For Close Friends

When it comes to buying a wedding gift for one of your closest friends, only the best will do. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Do you empty your entire bank account and hope that splashing the cash will have the desired effect? Or, do you opt for something more personal that is guaranteed to make the happy couple shed a tear or two?

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to picking the perfect wedding gift for your close friend, the below five unique wedding gifts are just the inspiration you need.

1.   A Sex Toy

If you are going to the wedding of a close female friend and you are looking for a gift that is a little risqué, then a brand new sex toy is a great choice. Although not for everyone, buying your friend the latest orgasm-inducing sex toy shows you care about them and their relationship a lot more than a new set of knives and forks ever would.

Browse the latest in sexual innovation at Wetforher.com and put a big smile on the bride’s face come her big day… and her honeymoon.

2.   A Newlywed Cookbook

5 Unique Wedding Gifts For Close Friends

For couples who you know could do with all the help they can get in the kitchen, a cookbook designed for newlyweds makes the perfect gift. Packed full of helpful cooking tips, delicious recipes, and meal inspiration for couples and dinner parties, your friends will be able to wow you with their cooking prowess as soon as they get back from their honeymoon.

3.   An Experience Day

If your close friends have already lived together for many years and don’t need any of the obligatory homeware items, then why not treat them to an experience day? Whether they would love a driving experience, a spa day, a cooking course, or they are the type of couple that would love to jump out of a plane together, there are so many weird and wonderful days out to choose from.

4.   Date Night In A Box

When the newlywed glow has worn off, and your close friends are in need of a romantic pick-me-up, this date night in a box subscription service will come in handy.

A monthly subscription that contains all your friends need to enjoy a romantic date night from the comfort of their own home. From dinner menus to music, games and activities designed for couples, this unique gift is most definitely one that keeps on giving.

5.   A New Digital Camera

5 Unique Wedding Gifts For Close Friends

Help your close friends make a lifetime of memories with a brand new digital camera. Practical and thoughtful, this is one wedding gift that definitely won’t be resigned to a lifetime in the back of a cupboard or shoved under the bed, never to see the light of day again.

Plus, with so many different digital cameras to choose from, with options to suit all requirements and budgets, you are guaranteed to find the perfect one for your close friends.