4 Signs It’s Time To Move Into An Independent Living Community

Every person in their senior years wants to keep hold of their independence, but sometimes it’s just not possible to do while living in the same home you have most of your life.

For example, mobility issues can make it difficult to walk up the stairs, which can cause significant issues including poor hygiene (if the bathroom is upstairs). Often, the only way to keep hold of independence is to move into an independent living community.

You Fall Over Regularly

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), almost 1 in 4 seniors suffer a fall annually. However, this number is likely much higher when unreported incidents are taken into account.

If you find that you are unsteady on your feet and have had a couple of falls, it’s time to consider moving into a St. Louis independent living community. These apartment blocks are designed with seniors in mind, meaning falls are much less likely. Additionally, support is available in case of emergencies, which allows you to continue living independently.

4 Signs It’s Time To Move Into An Independent Living Community

Your Social Network Has Disappeared

Socialization is an essential ingredient for staying healthy during the senior years. Not only does it keep you connected to the world, but it also reduces mental health conditions including depression and anxiety, which can lead to poor hygiene and a lack of enjoyment in life. If your friends are no longer around and you don’t live near family, it will take a hit on your mental health.

When you move into an independent living community, you will be surrounded by people in the same situation. Additionally, you can meet new people by getting involved in a rich program of exercise and entertainment.

Home Maintenance is Slipping

Medical conditions associated with old age can make it difficult to keep on top of the cleaning and home maintenance. If these important tasks are ignored, they can lead to even more health conditions. For example, a filthy kitchen can harbour dangerous bacteria that can make you seriously ill.

Falling behind on maintenance is a clear indication that now is the time to move into an independent living community. Not only will you have a smaller space to keep clean and tidy, but many senior living providers have a team of cleaners.

You Struggle to Eat Proper Meals

4 Signs It’s Time To Move Into An Independent Living Community

The body relies on a balanced diet full of essential nutrients to stay strong, making it an essential part of life as a senior. However, because of physical and mental health conditions, eating proper meals can be difficult. For example, eating too many effortless unhealthy meals can lead to weight gain and other issues.

Cooking isn’t something you’ll need to worry about when you move into an independent living community. Many of them serve up a nutritious menu in communal dining rooms, which also helps with that all-important socialization.

Wading through the senior years can be challenging when you’re not in the right environment. If any of the above is applicable to your life, then it’s time to make an inquiry with an independent living provider.