5 New Retailers On Savile Row and Surrounding Streets

The prestigious Savile Row, synonymous with unparalleled tailoring and craftsmanship, is ushering in a new chapter.

The Pollen Estate recently announced the arrival of five distinctive retailers, broadening the scope of what this iconic London destination offers.

These new establishments, ranging from innovative tailoring to contemporary perfumery, are set to elevate the Mayfair area’s reputation for exceptional and personalised luxury shopping experiences.

A Fusion of Craftsmanship and Innovation

Jenny Casebourne, Head of Portfolio at The Pollen Estate, expressed enthusiasm about the new additions, noting their alignment with Savile Row’s ethos of skill, quality, and excellence.

These new occupiers, located on Savile Row, Clifford Street, and Cork Street, include Pineider, Fedro Gaudenzi, Perfumer H, HAX, and Daniel Hanson, each offering unique contributions to the area’s rich fabric of craftsmanship.

Pineider: Italian Elegance on Clifford Street

5 New Retailers On Savile Row and Surrounding Streets

Pineider, an Italian brand renowned for its exquisite leather goods and stationery, has opened its first UK flagship store at 3 Clifford Street.

With origins dating back to 1774 in Florence, Pineider brings a touch of Italian finesse to Mayfair.

Their range includes luxurious luggage, leather goods, and finely crafted notebooks and pens, all available with personalisation options.

The store also enriches the community with regular calligraphy classes.

Fedro Gaudenzi: A Blend of Cultures and Craft

5 New Retailers On Savile Row and Surrounding Streets

On 34 Cork Street, bespoke tailor Fedro Gaudenzi showcases a fusion of Italian flair and British tailoring traditions.

Established in London in 2016, Fedro Gaudenzi offers an extensive material selection for custom-made garments, reflecting a commitment to individuality and superior craftsmanship.

Perfumer H: A Scented Journey Through Time

5 New Retailers On Savile Row and Surrounding Streets

British perfumer Lyn Harris has opened Perfumer H at 15A Clifford Street, a store that captures the essence of 18th-century Georgian London.

Specialising in fragrances, hand-blown glass creations, and a variety of scented home products, Perfumer H builds upon five iconic scents to offer a unique olfactory experience.

HAX: Redefining Ready-to-Wear

5 New Retailers On Savile Row and Surrounding Streets

Founded in 2023 by Hattie Glendenning, HAX at 15 Clifford Street brings a fresh perspective to tailoring.

Addressing the common issues in ready-to-wear clothing, HAX uses Yorkshire-made fabrics to offer custom clothing that challenges traditional tailoring norms.

Their bespoke services are available for both men and women, by appointment only.

Daniel Hanson: The Art of Loungewear

5 New Retailers On Savile Row and Surrounding Streets

Specialising in bespoke dressing gowns and luxurious loungewear, Daniel Hanson has established a strong reputation since its inception in 1989.

Located at 36 Savile Row, they offer an exclusive range of ready-to-wear items, all crafted from the finest materials in Nottingham.

Savile Row: A Global Beacon of Tailoring and Style

Savile Row remains the world’s foremost destination for bespoke tailoring and craftsmanship.

With over 35 retailers, the area offers a diverse range of services including made-to-measure, ready-to-wear, and a wide array of accessories.

It continues to be a magnet for local and international shoppers seeking quality, style, and an unparalleled luxury shopping experience.

The Future of Savile Row: Blending Tradition with Modernity

5 New Retailers On Savile Row and Surrounding Streets

These new additions mark a significant step in the evolution of Savile Row.

While retaining its heritage of bespoke tailoring, the area is now embracing contemporary retail concepts.

This blend of tradition and modernity ensures that Savile Row remains at the forefront of the luxury shopping experience, offering something unique and personalised to every visitor.

A Destination for Connoisseurs of Quality and Craftsmanship

Savile Row’s expansion into diverse retail offerings, including contemporary perfumery and bespoke stationery, underscores its position as a haven for those who appreciate the finest in craftsmanship and personalisation.

The area continues to evolve, always staying true to its roots of excellence and quality.

A Commitment to Luxury and Personalisation

The essence of Savile Row’s appeal lies in its commitment to providing luxury experiences that are both exclusive and personal.

Each of the new retailers embodies this ethos, offering products and services that cater to the discerning tastes of their clientele.

5 New Retailers On Savile Row and Surrounding Streets

Maintaining Heritage While Embracing Innovation

The introduction of these new retailers to Savile Row is a testament to the area’s ability to maintain its heritage while embracing innovation.

This delicate balance ensures that Savile Row remains relevant and appealing to a broad spectrum of shoppers, from traditionalists to those seeking something distinctly contemporary.

Savile Row: A Symbol of London’s Luxury Landscape

As these new retailers integrate into the fabric of Savile Row, they contribute to the area’s status as a symbol of London’s luxury landscape.

With its ever-expanding selection and commitment to excellence, Savile Row continues to be a destination not just for bespoke tailoring, but for an array of luxury experiences that celebrate craftsmanship and quality.

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