5 Stress Relieving Spa Treatments You Must Try

Life can be stressful at times. The effects of a busy and stressful life can lead to feelings of tiredness, muscle aches/tension, headaches, anxiety, and restlessness. One way to help you reduce your stress levels is to take some time away from yourself. By visiting a spa and booking yourself in for one or several spa treatments, you can enjoy a day of pure relaxation, allowing your mind to clear off any stress or worry.

With so many spa treatments to choose from, you may be wondering which is best for helping to relieve stress. Look no further, this simple guide from Lake District Spa provides all the information and inspiration you need to book your next spa experience. 

5 Stress Relieving Spa Treatments You Must Try

Deep Tissue Massage 

A deep tissue massage can be customized to suit your needs. If your muscles feel tense and aching, a deep tissue massage can help to relieve your discomfort. Powerful and deep, this type of massage is ideal for targeting your troublesome areas and helping your body to relax. Often lasting around 50mins – 1hr, a therapist will use a stimulating recovery oil, to assist in relieving your muscles of tension. 

Rasul Treatments 

A centuries-old traditional Arabian cleansing treatment, Rasul treatments use a combination of steam, mud, and heat to create a spa treatment to relax the body and mind. Ideal for those who are feeling stressed or overwhelmed and wish to experience a new treatment that can provide a number of health benefits. 

The 4-step process begins with cleansing and exfoliation of the skin before this is then covered in a clay mixture. Once the layer has sat on the skin, you will then be treated to a steam room, a cleansing rinse, and some shea butter to finish and moisturize the skin. 

These treatments are a true pampering experience, helping you to relax and unwind. Perfect for an end-of-week treat. 

5 Stress Relieving Spa Treatments You Must Try

Skin Resurfacing Facial 

If you’re looking to reverse the physical signs of stress, tiredness, and aging on your skin, skin resurfacing facial works wonders. Treatments and products used within this type of spa treatment are highly potent but work well to target those signs of aging, dull, tired, and un-even skin tone. It is important to note, that the results will vary and may take a few days to become visible. When they do you will notice your skin appears glowing and radiant. A great way to give your skin and your confidence a boost. 

Hot Stones Massage 

For those who are experiencing muscle soreness and tension, a hot stone massage will often be recommended. This style of massage uses hot stones that are placed on various parts of the body, usually down the middle of the back, to stimulate circulation and relieve the muscles of aches and pains. Thanks to the heat of the stones, this works incredibly well to relieve tension, help you to relax, and reduce symptoms of stress. 

5 Stress Relieving Spa Treatments You Must Try

Relaxing In A Sauna 

Although not directly considered a treatment, saunas can be found at spas and are the perfect solution for relieving feelings of stress. The warmth combined with the quiet of the small sauna room helps to clear your mind of distractions as your body benefits from the ease of muscle tension, improved circulation, and the release of endorphins.