5 Ways To Always Remember The People That Left

People eventually pass away, and there’s nothing we can do about it. No matter how long they’ve been around us and how perfectly healthy they’ve been, it comes a time when nature comes to collect what we owe. That’s when people we love leave, and only the memory of them is left.

That memory fades as time passes and new problems and beautiful moments occur. We must do something about it if we don’t want to let the memories completely vanish. There are multiple ways to keep remembering, but we must do something to make it happen.

Most people will keep a photo of these persons in their wallets or in a significant place in their homes.

However, other creative ways exist to pay tribute to the people who left. In this article, we’re sharing a few ideas that you might find useful. Follow up, and see what to do if you want to always remember the loving people that left.

1. A Portrait Painting In Your Home

5 Ways To Always Remember The People That Left

Is there a better way to feel like the person you love is with you than having them in the living room 24/7? Of course, not in a real way, but through a painting that will make you remember every time you walk inside the room and by enriching the place with a piece of art.

Portraits are different from ordinary images and pictures. You need one created by a painter who knows how to do it right. Provide enough images for this person, and ask the painter to draw the best possible portrait of the missing loving member of the family. This way, you’ll always remember them.

2. An Urn Necklace

Cremation jewellery is very popular lately. When the remains of the late person need to go into something, then why not place them into something that will be designed and created as jewellery or items to enrich your home?

If you prefer having it with you, there are lots of specifically designed necklaces and pendants that you can wear 24/7 with you and never forget the person you love. Even though they are not around anymore, you can have them right next to you by choosing cremation jewellery.

3. Planting A Tree For Them In The Yard

5 Ways To Always Remember The People That Left

It’s normal in many societies to plant a tree when someone’s birth and when someone passes away. Trees usually live long lives, so you can expect them to be around for as long as you’re around. Whenever someone brings up the topic, you’ll remember the person for whom it was planted.

You can spill the urn around the tree or simply honour the missing person by having the tree in the yard. This way, you’ll always have this person together with you when you’re home. The dancing leaves on the wind will make it look like it is the loving person speaking to you.

4. Naming Newborn Children After Them

This is another tradition in many cultures that are often used to continue the bloodline and keep the remembrance of people that are going away. Male children get their grandfathers’ names, and female children get their grandmothers’ names.

When the elderly leave this world, their names continue to live through their grandsons and granddaughters. Whenever someone asks or mentions them or their names, everyone instantly remembers the people that used to be around, and we loved them. It’s an excellent way never to forget those you love.

5 Ways To Always Remember The People That Left

5. Creating Art For Them

Paintings, clay, or other forms of installations are another fantastic idea to create a memory that will last forever. You don’t have to do anything spectacular; just a small piece will be enough to create the memory you want. Develop something and place it on the shelf in the living room next to the other items.

This way, everything you’re in the room, you can see the art piece you created. If you’re not good at these things, you can order one from a professional. They’ll create true art that will both enrich the place and let you always keep a piece of this person next to you.


There’s no need to worry that one day the memory of the loving person that passed away will fade. You can keep them right next to you with these several ideas. Order an art installation or a portrait to have in your living room at all times, or plant a tree in the yard that will look over you whenever you open the windows.

You can also use some of the many fantastic jewellery pieces used to collect and keep the remains, and if you don’t like any of these ideas, then opt for something not on the list. Find out what you love the most, and do that.

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