5 Ways To Nail That Red Carpet Look Like A Seasoned Caleb

Read on to learn how to take replicate your favorite red carpet looks.

Perfect The Red Carpet Look Like A Celeb

You don’t need the budget of a celebrity to dress like one. In fact, there are many budget-friendly dupes available these days that replicating your favorite red carpet look is both affordable and attainable. The average person may not have as many high-profile events to attend, but channeling high fashion into your wardrobe is a fun way to keep things fresh. 

With a variety of different style ideas to choose from, ranging from long sleeve dresses, bold colors, and twists on the well-known classics, you won’t be short of inspiration the next time you have a special event to attend.

5 Ways To Nail That Red Carpet Look Like A Seasoned Caleb

Before You Start

Before jumping headfirst into the celebrity world, remind yourself that what you see isn’t as straightforward as it looks. Celebrities have a massive team of stylists, designers, and artists to help them look the way they do. This doesn’t mean their outfit is beyond your reach, but instead, put your own twist on whatever look you hope to recreate. It will prevent you from feeling disappointed if you can’t find the exact thing you are looking for. 

Don’t break your budget trying to find items identical to what you see on the red carpet. Chances are, you don’t have the bank balance to purchase these designer gowns. So instead, draw inspiration and see what you can find. 


What is a red carpet without drama? Celebrities look to bring the theater every year, every awards season, with over-the-top embellishments, dramatic trains, and structured garments. While a massive ballgown or 10ft train might look out of place at your next cocktail party, lean into extravagant beadwork, statement jewelry, and bright pops of color. 

You can use all the features and those similar to them to create an air of drama around your look without making yourself uncomfortable. Switching up your regular make-up or go-to hairstyle is another way to move away from the familiar and introduce a wow factor to your ensemble. 

Bold Color 

You cannot shy away from color if you want to replicate red carpet fashion. There are no colors you can’t choose from, and altering the deepness of the color itself will create an impact in its own way. Currently, the hottest color trend in Hollywood is pink and the various shades and hues it encompasses. 

But if pink is not a color that suits your skin tone, or is simply not a color you like, go for something else. Color is all about personal expression. Embraces your favorite shades or steps out of your comfort zone for something new. Pair your choice with accessories of complimenting colors, or keep them neutral to allow the central piece to shine brightest.

5 Ways To Nail That Red Carpet Look Like A Seasoned Caleb


Remember that drama factor that was mentioned before? If you’re stuck on ideas about how to create it, look no further than bows. Stylists often follow the mantra of “the bigger, the better.” If this is meant to be your stand-out feature, that indeed runs true. 

However, if you want to avoid looking like a wrapped gift at Christmas, keep it simple with one bow created around the waist with a fitted silhouette. Alternatively, you can find a dress with small bows attached to the shoulder straps for feminine and flirty detail. 

Vintage Glamour

Vintage glamour fashion is a trend seen on the red carpet time and time again. There is a straightforward reason for that. It never goes out of style. Old Hollywood glamour is a trend worth replicating at home. Everyone can copy black and white column dresses, vintage curl hairstyles, big statement jewelry, and impactful make-up. 

Adding a faux fur coat in the colder months will round off this look perfectly. But a chic winter coat will do the trick if you are not a fan of anything resembling fur. An outfit like this is ideal for prom or a cocktail party you are attending. However, avoid wearing it to events like weddings as you could risk stealing the spotlight away.

5 Ways To Nail That Red Carpet Look Like A Seasoned Caleb

Black With A Twist

If there were an actual book about must-have fashion, the little black dress would probably have more than a chapter dedicated to it. It has been a wardrobe staple for decades, and while the style of dresses has changed over the years, the concept has never left. The LBD is a perfect option for any formal event you may have to attend, and we frequently see it grace the red carpet in all its bells and whistles. 

But while black is an elegant and sophisticated color already, it can be transformed even further with a suitable garment. A fitted, black pantsuit with ankle-cuffed cigarette trousers and a blazer will give you an edgy and sexy alternative. Or swap out the form-fitted suit for a black tailored jumpsuit and bright heels for a stand-out look. 

Celebrities often take black as a neutral base and build onto it. That should be your goal here. Don’t be afraid to go bright, bold, and make an impression. That is, after all, the goal of every red carpet look.

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