Fashion Tips – How To Look Like A Celeb… On A Budget

Celebrities look incredible most of the time, and it’s for a reason. Being ‘flawless’ is part of the job. Spending a ton of money on fashion and jewelry is a kind of investment. It also helps that they have a ton of money to spend. Unfortunately, the rest of us are working with a hell of a lot less.

That said, you can still up your fashion game to resemble a celeb. While you may not be able to recreate your fave’s Met Gala look, you can be the kind of person who turns heads. Friends and family will always comment on what you’re wearing, and you’ll even get compliments from waiters and passersby.

Here are some tips to look like a celeb without spending millions of dollars.

Wear Statement Jewelry

Fashion Tips - How To Look Like A Celeb… On A Budget

If you have some cash to splash on a couple of pieces of jewelry, this is an easy way to elevate almost anything you wear. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars, either. A statement piece can cost hundreds of dollars and will not fall into the trap of looking cheap. The trick is to go for something unique rather than something which tries to mimic a ten-thousand-dollar item.

Of course, if you have inherited jewelry you may be able to avoid spending all that money. Depending on the piece, you might need a jewelry appraisal to get the proper insurance. Do not wear a precious item out without first getting insurance, as jewelry is too easy to snatch and would be a huge loss.

Go Bold

Fashion Tips - How To Look Like A Celeb… On A Budget

In order to look great, you need items of clothing that fit perfectly and create a classy silhouette. However, in order to turn heads, you need something more. By going bold, you are taking a risk, as people might react negatively or have unkind comments. But you won’t ever look like a celeb if you blend in.

There is a balance to find here. You should not go bold just for the sake of it. If you don’t have anything to wear that you think is fashionable, don’t choose statement items that you don’t love. Bright colors or patterns can backfire, especially if you don’t believe you look incredible.

Rather, go shopping at some stores you love and find statement pieces. You don’t need too many of them, so splash a bit of extra cash if you need to. They do not need to be from famous designers, though, and you shouldn’t spend huge sums of money just for brand recognition.

When you go out on big nights, choose a simple foundational outfit and wear the statement piece in all its glory. Choosing the right shoes is key, as they can complete the look and give you a way of carrying a theme through. Some interesting pieces of jewelry will elevate the entire outfit and give you a sense of status rather than expensiveness.

Confidence Is Key

Fashion Tips - How To Look Like A Celeb… On A Budget

The above tips will help you wear an outfit that turns heads without spending a ton. However, they won’t make you look like a celeb if you don’t have the confidence to wear them. You need to believe you look incredible, or else it will look like the outfit is wearing you. It is better to blend in than to feel uncomfortable as the center of attention. You need to want the comments and compliments.

You also need to be aware that some people will think you look ridiculous. The nature of most people is to be skeptical of anything that bucks the norm. Men in particular have a tough time seeing the vision in an impressive outfit, as society discourages that kind of male creativity. If you’re not okay with some sideways looks, you’re never going to feel yourself in this kind of outfit.

Looking like a celeb is only partly about having the money to spend. If you’re willing to go bold and wear an outfit that stands out wherever you go, you can make yourself the center of attention.