7 Outdoor Event Planning Guidelines To Keep In Mind

Enjoyable for the participants and a lot easier for you as the organizer. Planning and executing a good seminar, wedding or party doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult.

Suppose you put in the time to find the right people; it can be done very easily. Here are some tips from professional planners to make it a bit easier for you to organize your upcoming event.

1. Location

Deciding the location can work in two ways. You can either customize the event according to the location, or you can choose a location that will suit the theme and requirements of your event.

A good way to manage this aspect is to look into available spaces near you and see what they are offering. If you need to have something that absolutely meets your needs, then you might want to look specifically for that.

However, most event locations available for rent will provide a good mix of technology, space, flexible timing, and multiple additional services on site.

2. Infrastructure

7 Outdoor Event Planning Guidelines To Keep In Mind

You might think that procuring commercial-grade infrastructure will be expensive, but it really isn’t that expensive if you rent.

Whether you are looking for music, visual media, seating, or anything else, you can rent it easily. You can even get a range of stages that can be the centre of the party very easily.

The service provider can help you in setting it all up, and you just need someone who can manage it from that point onwards.

3. Permit

The kind of legalities you will have to overcome depends entirely on the nature of the event and your local regulations. Are you planning on having alcohol? Are you planning on hosting the function till late at night?

Are there any security concerns that local residents should be concerned about?. These are some things you need to consider when applying for a permit and looking to get authorization from local authorities.

Moreover, you might have an inspection team inspecting the facility and making sure everything is up to the mark.

4. Food And Drink

7 Outdoor Event Planning Guidelines To Keep In Mind

No party is complete without some good food. Ideally, you should outsource this operation to a specialist if you are putting together a large event.

This way, you don’t have to worry about procurement, storage, transportation, or anything else. If it is a relatively small group, you could consider doing this yourself but remember it does take time.

5. Backup

You always need a backup. The best solution is to keep a backup option for the most important things.

If you are hosting an outdoor movie night, you should have a backup projector indoors in case the weather or some other factor renders the outdoor event impractical.

Similarly, for a business meeting, you might want to have a backup media solution just in case. Whatever your most used or critical items are, make sure you have a backup plan.

6. Sanitation

This is important for any outdoor event that is going to go on for the whole day or even just several hours.

Especially when you have children around, you need good sanitation. Again, if this isn’t provided by the location, then you might have to outsource this operation as well.

If you are renting a house or hall, this shouldn’t be a problem, but it will definitely be your responsibility for outdoor events.

7. Security

7 Outdoor Event Planning Guidelines To Keep In Mind

Security will depend on the situation. Some kinds of events and some kinds of locations do require security. This is not only for crowd management, but if you have people driving to the location, you might have to have security personnel in the car park to make sure everyone’s ride home is safe.

If you plan on having a party or any kind of event where there is a large crowd, you might also want some crowd management security.

Lastly, you also want to make sure that you alert the local hospital, and if possible, you should have an ambulance on standby.

Especially if this is a sporting event or just a regular event with activities in which there is a chance that people can get hurt, having a medical team on-site can mean saving a person’s life.

At the bare minimum, the local hospital should know there is an event happening so that they are ready for any eventuality.