8 Reasons Why Cats Love Drinking From Water Fountains

Cats are crazy, in a good way, of course. So, it might be a little difficult to understand their behavior regarding their body language, food habits, and most importantly – their drinking habits.

We all have witnessed cats loving the water fountain over a plain bowl to drink water. However, have you ever wondered why they choose a running fountain over still water, which can be drunk in an easier and more relaxing way? Well, this is a perfect guide for you to understand a cat’s mindset when it comes to drinking water.

8 Reasons Why Cat Loves Drinking In Water Fountain

Natural Instinct

Let’s go back to history and look at the cat’s ancestors. They were all relying on naturally running water in the forest and even now, related felines like lions and tigers doing the same.

No wonder cats are attracted to their instinct more than how humans think would be a convenient way to consume water. Yes, most cats choose war over peace and a running water fountain over a nicely presented bowl of water.

Thought Process

Cats naturally draw towards water that is running because their origin comes from wild animals, who were domesticated later. However, this is the reason why most of them think that if the water is not moving then it might be contaminated, and going for a moving water would be fresh and clean.

Although sometimes they do prefer still water in a bowl after they have gained enough trust in humans, whenever cats see a flowing fountain they immediately run towards it to keep themselves hydrated.

Music To Ears

Most humans love to eat but some also enjoy ASMR videos of cooking that involves cutting vegetables and washing meat. Similarly, cats not only enjoy drinking from the fountain of water but they also love the sound of flowing water.

You will notice many cats love to stand on the kitchen countertop and accompany you as you watch the vegetables or utensils. Yes, they might act afraid of being in the water but the flow of water is like music to their ears.

8 Reasons Why Cat Loves Drinking In Water Fountain

Temperature Of Water

Cats love the perfect temperature of water especially when it’s cool. If you notice the water that when naturally from the mountains is usually cooler than what will be in our homes. When the water is flowing from the fountain it usually drops the temperature compared to the one kept in a bowl.

Sometimes the water coming out of the tap is hot because of the weather outside. However, cats love the fountain flowing water as it will drop the temperature and make it cooler for them. A quick tip is to add an ice cube to make the experience better for your cat.


Do you think only humans are attracted to entertainment then you’re completely wrong as cats are not only entertaining themselves but also seek entertainment. What could be better entertainment than a water-flowing fountain?

Cats love to engage with a fountain as many of us have witnessed them putting their paw between the flow of water repetitively despite knowing the fact they are going to use their tongue to do the task. Flowing water is one of the easiest ways to grab their attention or keep them occupied for a couple of hours.

Mental Health

Cats also deal with anxiety issues like humans and this might happen due to changes in their surroundings. However, having a water fountain around them can keep them calm as it will distract them from the environment, creating a peaceful atmosphere that would keep them healthy.

Dental Health

If you are someone who takes your cat’s dental health seriously, then getting a water fountain is a great choice. If your cat stays well-hydrated, then there are fewer chances of your cat facing any dental issues in the future.

The flowing fountain automatically enables the cat to keep themselves hydrated all the time and as a result, you will see that your cat never faces any tooth-related issues, even when they get old.

8 Reasons Why Cat Loves Drinking In Water Fountain

Marking Territory

If you bring a new cat into the house and you want the cat to feel that it is its own house then the most simple way is to introduce a water fountain. By drinking from a cat water fountain stainless steel, they think that they are marking their territory and there are more chances to return home, in case they leave the premises.

This is another behavior that they have carried from their other feline animals. A kitty might subtly mark her territory and to check on it, they might keep returning to the same place for drinking water.

It is important to place a water fountain in the same place and not change it from one place to another. This way the cats take the fountain for a real thing and do not disregard it.

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