8 Reasons You Should Get A Furry Friend

Having the perfect furry friend as a companion can be one of life’s greatest pleasures – they are there to greet you, they listen to your ramblings and they love you unconditionally.

Having a four-legged friend can be beneficial in so many ways.

1. Companionship

8 Reasons You Should Get A Furry Friend

Living alone can be great but it is only natural to sometimes feel lonely.

Animals can help you to feel less alone which in turn is beneficial to your mental health.

Some people even prefer their fluffy family members to humans!

Children also benefit from having a companion growing up as it helps to promote social skills and prevent loneliness.

2. Encouraging Exercise

If a dog is your chosen buddy then they will need daily walks and exercise.

This means you are getting out and about more which will help you to keep fit and reap the benefits of the outdoors.

Even cleaning up after a cat or rabbit makes you get up and move in a way you might not normally.

3. Relieve Stress And Anxiety

8 Reasons You Should Get A Furry Friend

Opening the door to the adoring face of your furry friend can make you smile on even the hardest of days.

Spending time playing with and stroking your beloved companion whether they are furry, scaly or feathered, can help you to unwind and relax, reducing your stress and anxiety levels.

4. Teach Children Responsibility

Getting a smaller animal such as a rabbit or a guinea pig is a great way to introduce children to the responsibility and skills to look after it.

They will learn their basic needs such as food, water and shelter, and how to care for them.

A rabbit is a great pet to start with as they are relatively easy to look after.

One thing to remember is to get good quality feeding hay for rabbits to ensure they stay well-fed and healthy.

5. Help You Feel Safe

8 Reasons You Should Get A Furry Friend

If you do live alone, the security of knowing that there is another living being in your home can ease a lot of fears of strange noises.

Similarly, if you own a dog and your schedule means you walk in the darker hours then having them by your side can help you feel confident and in control.

6. Reduce Childhood Allergies

Studies show that when children are brought up around animals, they are less likely to suffer from allergies.

Although, if you do bring an animal home and discover someone is allergic, further exposure to that animal will not help.

7. Help You To Make Friends

Whenever you take your furry pal out for a walk or socialisation you will inevitably end up chatting with other parents of fluffy babies.

The benefits of having a regular time for a walk or a usual walk means you may end up seeing the same faces and developing friendships.

You may even want to try attending a pet meetup.

8. Improve Your Immune System

8 Reasons You Should Get A Furry Friend

When having an animal in your life, they are inevitably going to be spending a lot of time outdoors and getting mucky.

This will expose your immune system to different germs and help to improve your immunity to them.