$25 Million Sagaponack Oasis Hits The Market

In the heart of Sagaponack, the epitome of luxury living unfolds at 19 Sagg Pond Court, a majestic estate commanding a price tag of $25 million.

Recently revitalized under the skilled hands of John Nocera, complemented by the exquisite interior design expertise of Tamara Magel, this residence stands as a testament to opulence.

Offering unrivalled panoramic views of both the ocean and pond, the property sprawls across a breathtaking 23-acre reserve, creating an unparalleled living experience. Notably, the renowned Sagg Main Beach is a mere half-mile stroll away, adding an extra layer of allure.

Luxury Living Redefined: A Glimpse into the Sagaponack Oasis

A Symphony of Refinement and Grandeur

Upon crossing the threshold, visitors are ushered into a realm of refinement and grandeur that defines this extraordinary four-bedroom, eight-and-a-half-bath abode.

The award-winning kitchen, a masterpiece of culinary design, beckons both entertainers and home cooks alike. With soaring 21-foot ceilings, the interior is bathed in natural light through glass doors and windows, creating an inviting ambience.

The southwest exposure ensures breathtaking sunset vistas, overlooking the vast expanse of the ocean, a tranquil pond, and the expansive reserve.

Luxury Living Redefined: A Glimpse into the Sagaponack Oasis

Indoor amenities further enhance the allure of this residence, featuring a private office for professional engagements and a cosy sunroom designed for moments of relaxation.

Three fireplaces grace the interiors, imparting warmth and charm to the living spaces. Second-floor balconies seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor realms, offering a harmonious blend of comfort and nature.

Outdoor Extravagance

The opulence extends beyond the confines of the house, with outdoor luxuries that define a lifestyle of affluence. A 50-foot waterside swimming pool invites residents to bask in the lap of luxury, surrounded by lavish gardens that contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal.

An all-weather tennis court, sunken and artfully enclosed with stacked stone, emerges as a private enclave for spirited matches, completing the outdoor offerings.

In the realm of luxury real estate, the Sagaponack estate at 19 Sagg Pond Court not only captivates with its architectural finesse but also prioritizes the well-being and experience of its residents.

Luxury Living Redefined: A Glimpse into the Sagaponack Oasis

The layout is thoughtfully designed to accommodate both private and communal moments, creating a balanced lifestyle for its inhabitants.

For those seeking the epitome of upscale living, the Sagaponack oasis at 19 Sagg Pond Court emerges as a beacon of sophistication. This piece of real estate not only aligns with the highest standards of elegance but also stands as a testament to architectural brilliance.

Its proximity to Sagg Main Beach and the thoughtful integration of indoor and outdoor spaces ensure an enviable lifestyle.

Conclusion: A Residence Beyond Compare

In conclusion, the $25 million estate at 19 Sagg Pond Court in Sagaponack redefines luxury living. Crafted by the skilled hands of John Nocera and Tamara Magel, this property combines architectural excellence with natural beauty, creating an unparalleled living experience.

From indoor opulence to outdoor extravagance, every facet of this residence reflects a commitment to quality and a dedication to offering a lifestyle that surpasses expectations. As the sun sets over the ocean, residents of this estate are treated to a daily spectacle of nature’s grandeur, making it a residence beyond compare.

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