Amazonico’s Fusion of Mixology and Healthy Dining in 2024

As the new year unfolds, the spotlight on health-centric trends like Veganuary and Dry January takes centre stage.

However, the Latin American Restaurant and Bar, Amazonico, nestled in Berkeley Square, London, is taking a distinctive approach by introducing innovative medicinal cocktails and nutrition-packed dishes.

This culinary endeavour aims to seamlessly blend the worlds of mixology and wellness, offering patrons a unique and health-conscious experience until 31st January 2024.

Culinary Alchemy by Amazonico’s Head of Bars

Amazonico’s Head of Bars, Giannis Apostolopoulos, leads the charge in this gastronomic exploration, drawing inspiration from the restaurant’s South American heritage. Apostopoulos and his team aim not only to tantalise taste buds but also to provide functional benefits through their concoctions.

Amazonico's Fusion of Mixology and Healthy Dining in 2024

One of their star creations, the ‘Jabuticaba,’ features Belvedere Vodka, Jabuticaba (a unique Brazilian fruit with antioxidant properties and a rich vitamin content), Paragon Timur Berry, Passion Fruit-infused Honey, and lemon. This exquisite blend not only delivers a sensorial delight but also contributes to health and wellness.

For those embracing Dry January, the ‘Edi-Negroni’ stands out as a non-alcoholic mocktail. Crafted with Edi (Hemp and CBD), Lemon Verbena from Chile, Non-Alcoholic Vermouth, and Bitter, this elixir promises a moment of unwinding without the intoxicating effects, thanks to its naturally uplifting active ingredients.

Epicurean Delights by Group Executive Chef Vitelio Reyes

Complementing the innovative cocktails, Group Executive Chef Vitelio Reyes introduces three new dishes, each meticulously curated to embrace South American ingredients for a diet that’s not just delectable but also energy-boosting.

Amazonico's Fusion of Mixology and Healthy Dining in 2024

The ‘Guacamole & Chia’ dish steals the spotlight with its fusion of chia seed caviar, known for its digestive benefits, alongside avocado, chilli, and plantain chips. A gastronomic journey that nourishes both the palate and the body.

‘Beterragas Andinas’ showcases heritage beetroots paired with miso-yuzu cream & kiwicha cereal, a superfood hailing from Peru. This dish not only captivates with its vibrant colours but also packs a nutritional punch, aligning with the quest for a healthier lifestyle.

Completing the trilogy, ‘Aguacate Parrillado’ presents charred avocado, Peruvian corn salad & white quinoa, forming a wholesome ensemble perfect for sustaining energy levels throughout the day.

Redefining Amazonico’s Culinary Landscape

This bold venture by Amazonico, spearheaded by Apostolopoulos and Reyes, seeks to redefine the restaurant’s landscape.

Amazonico's Fusion of Mixology and Healthy Dining in 2024

Beyond being a dining destination, Amazonico is positioning itself as a provider of unique and health-conscious food and cocktail options, catering to the growing demand for healthier choices in January and beyond.

In a world where culinary trends often clash with health aspirations, Amazonico’s commitment to both flavour and well-being sets a commendable standard.

As patrons seek not only delightful gastronomic experiences but also mindful consumption, Amazonico’s fusion of mixology and health-focused dining emerges as a noteworthy trendsetter in 2024.

In conclusion, as the restaurant industry continues to evolve, Amazonico’s commitment to culinary innovation and well-being positions it as a frontrunner in providing a holistic and enriching dining experience.

Amazonico's Fusion of Mixology and Healthy Dining in 2024

From innovative medicinal cocktails to nutrition-packed dishes, Amazonico sets the stage for a year where taste and wellness go hand in hand, inviting patrons to savour the flavour of a healthier lifestyle.

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