Annabel’s for the Amazon 2022 Façade Reveal

Annabel’s, the world-renowned private members’ club, is teaming up with The Caring Family Foundation to raise awareness of the importance of Amazon conservation efforts.

It is well known that what happens behind the closed doors of Annabel’s is what most people dream of. It is an escapist world that totally immerses you in an otherworldy experience and is a visual feast that never disappoints. Over the last few years, the club’s façade has become just as iconic as the parties happening on the inside.

So, when an announcement is made that a new façade will be revealed, the expectations become impossibly high. As a result, Annabel’s for the Amazon 2022 Façade reveal became one of the most hotly anticipated events on London’s social calendar. And, as per usual, the club more than delivered.

Annabel’s for the Amazon 2022 Façade Reveal

Unveiled on worldwide Amazon day in partnership with The Lost Explorer Mezcal, the impossibly fabulous façade has been designed to educate members and passers-by on the importance of Amazon conservation efforts and the effect that its rapid destruction is having on our global ecosystem. Tatiana Kharchylava, Creative Director at The Birley Clubs, was in charge of the design of the immersive scene, which is part of the Caring Family Foundation’s annual month-long charity initiative called Annabel’s for the Amazon.

Through this initiative, the Club raises money every year to contribute to reforestation efforts in the Brazilian rainforest.

Thanks to this incredible initiative, the annual Amazon Month fundraising efforts, SOS Amazonia and the Caring Family Foundation aim to plant a staggering 1 million trees by March 2024. Because of their significant fundraising efforts up to this point, the organisation has been able to already plant 500,000 of them, which has put the charity three months ahead of schedule. By the end of the year 2022, TCFF and Annabel’s will have fulfilled their commitment to plant one million trees, which will establish the foundation as the most significant contributor from the United Kingdom to the process of reforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

Commenting on this, Patricia Caring, Co-Executive Chairwoman of The Birley Clubs and Co-Founder of The Caring Family Foundation said: “This year’s incredible design is a stunning work of art, but it is also a symbol of our determination to draw attention to an ongoing environmental catastrophe. The destruction of the Amazon rainforest affects every single one of us. It is an ecosystem upon which we all rely which is why The Caring Family Foundation is proud to be working with SOS Amazonia to fight back through a tree planting programme that will provide sustainable support for local communities and their economies. I am extremely grateful to our Creative Director Tatiana, to our partners The Lost Explorer Mezcal and to everyone involved in creating this year’s façade. I hope it will entertain our members and guests in the coming weeks whilst also raising awareness of this desperate problem.”

Annabel’s for the Amazon 2022 Façade Reveal

The annual Annabel’s for the Amazon façade reveal and display has become a mainstay in the London events calendar, and draws tourists from all over the world who want to witness the stunning display for themselves. This year’s façade, which was designed in collaboration with The Lost Explorer Mezcal, draws attention to the deforestation catastrophe by depicting five large-scale jaguars. Jaguars are one of the animals that are in danger as a direct result of the damage to the Amazon. They serve as the primary predators in the Amazon rainforest, which allows them to regulate the numbers of other species and play an essential part in the process of keeping the environment in the jungle healthy.

The jaguars sit majestically on the display amongst the flora and fauna that surrounds a stunning waterfall. This waterfall is created using water that has been stored in a tank and is continuously circulated around the façade (at the end of the month-long campaign, the water will be used to water the plants in Annabel’s Garden). The creative team keeps, recycles, and repurposes the materials included in all of Annabel’s displays so that they may reimagine future façades using those materials.

Annabel’s for the Amazon 2022 Façade Reveal

Miguel Scarcello, the CEO of SOS Amazônia commented, “The partnership with The Caring Family Foundation is an important institutional alliance for our work vision in the Amazon, especially for contributing towards reducing the effects of climate change. It is a huge combination of efforts to consolidate solidarity and nature conservancy”.

Adding to this, the CEO of The Lost Explorer Mezcal, Tanya Clarke said, “The Lost Explorer Mezcal is proud to partner with Annabel’s and The Caring Family Foundation to raise awareness on the deforestation crisis of the Amazon Rainforest. Being part of this partnership is incredibly rewarding because of the awareness it inspires for this critical issue, alongside the commitment to planting one million trees in the rainforest”

Annabel’s for the Amazon 2022 Façade Reveal

In addition to the façade, Annabel’s and The Lost Explorer Mezcal have produced 1 000 beautiful limited edition gift boxes. These boxes can be purchased for £120 each from Selfridges, Hedonism Wines, and The Whisky Shop. A portion of the proceeds from each purchase goes toward the planting of 35 trees. Every bottle of award-winning Espadn mezcal comes in a premium commemorative case that was designed to look like the façade. In addition, throughout the month of September, the club will be selling three one-of-a-kind drinks called “Amazon Mezcal Cocktails,” which were made using The Lost Explorer Mezcal. For each drink that is purchased, an additional 2.5 trees will be planted.

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