Embracing Tradition: A Night of Art and Craftmanship at Knots Rugs

Knots Rugs, in collaboration with the esteemed marbling artist Nat Maks, is set to host an engaging and hands-on workshop during the upcoming London Craft Week.

The event, scheduled for Tuesday 14th May from 5 pm – 9 pm at Knots Chelsea Store, promises an immersive experience into the captivating world of paper marbling.

Nat Maks, a prominent figure in the marbling community hailing from Margate, will not only lead the workshop but will also unveil her debut book on the subject. Titled “Paper Marbling: Learn in a Weekend” and published by Thames & Hudson, this book serves as a comprehensive guide, expertly crafted to usher readers through the intricacies of paper marbling, from initial preparations to the creation of stunning finished pieces.

Embracing Tradition: A Night of Art and Craftmanship at Knots Rugs

In her book, Nat Maks showcases her mastery of the craft, offering invaluable insights and techniques that empower enthusiasts to explore this versatile art form. Through meticulous guidance, readers are encouraged to delve into the world of paper marbling and unleash their creativity, culminating in unique and visually striking works of art.

The significance of paper marbling extends beyond its aesthetic appeal, as it holds a cherished place in the realm of heritage crafts. Recognising its cultural value, The Heritage Crafts Association has designated paper marbling as an endangered craft.

However, artists like Nat Maks are on a mission to revitalise this ancient practice, infusing it with contemporary relevance and ensuring its preservation for generations to come.

Nat Maks’s collaboration with Knots Rugs exemplifies her innovative approach to the art of marbling. Together, they have produced a stunning collection of wool and silk hand-knotted rugs, each intricately designed to reflect Nat Maks’s original artworks.

This fusion of traditional craftsmanship with modern interpretation underscores the timeless allure of paper marbling.

Embracing Tradition: A Night of Art and Craftmanship at Knots Rugs

At the heart of the event lies an open studio session hosted by Bonnie Sutton, the visionary founder of Knots Rugs. Here, attendees will have the opportunity to witness the culmination of Nat Maks’s collaboration, alongside other captivating artist collaborations and collections.

Through this exploration of fine art translated into rug design, Knots Rugs seeks to redefine notions of materiality, colour translation, and technique, offering fresh perspectives on the intersection of art and craftsmanship.

Event Details:

  • Date: Tuesday 14th May
  • Time: 5pm – 9pm
  • Venue: Knots Rugs, 595 Kings Road, London, SW6 2EL

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts between Knots Rugs and marbling artist Nat Maks exemplify a beautiful fusion of tradition and innovation within the realm of craft and design.

Through initiatives like the immersive workshop at London Craft Week and the launch of Nat Maks’ book, both entities are not only celebrating the art of paper marbling but also actively contributing to its preservation and evolution.

Embracing Tradition: A Night of Art and Craftmanship at Knots Rugs

By embracing mediums like rugs and books, they ensure that this ancient craft remains relevant and accessible for generations to come. As the event unfolds, it promises to be an inspiring testament to the power of artistic collaboration and the enduring allure of traditional crafts in a modern world.

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