Art with Meaning: Johnny Depp’s ‘Five’ Revealed

Acclaimed actor, musician, and artist Johnny Depp recently revealed his debut self-portrait titled ‘Five.’

This exclusive time-limited edition artwork will be available for purchase from 20 July at 5 PM BST for only 13 days. Priced at £1,950, ‘Five‘ can be bought online or at select UK galleries, including Castle Fine Art.

Art with Meaning: Johnny Depp's 'Five' Revealed

Delving into Creativity and Healing

In 2021, Johnny Depp began conceptualizing ‘Five‘ in the studio of his close friend Ralph Steadman, during a challenging phase in his life, marking its fifth year. The process of creating the artwork became an avenue for creative healing, as he poured his emotions into the piece.

In 2023, Johnny revisited ‘Five‘ and carefully examined the original composition, adding meaningful embellishments. Although he had kept this artwork private until now, Johnny finally felt ready to share it with the world.

Art with Meaning: Johnny Depp's 'Five' Revealed
Image: Elliot Nyman

Initially hesitant to release a self-portrait, Johnny explains, “It’s not the most comfortable thing doing a self-portrait.” He considered it both a mirror and a window to explore his mental health and that of others. Hoping to inspire others, he stated, “If the piece resonates with even just one person, this art has a purpose.”

A Purposeful Cause

Five‘ offers a deeply personal insight into Johnny’s innermost feelings and emotional state during its creation. The artwork deliberately maintains an intimate quality, expressing the subject’s character and emotions at the time it was made.

For every print of ‘Five‘ sold, $200 will be donated to Mental Health America, a prominent community-based non-profit organization committed to promoting mental health, well-being, and illness prevention. Johnny expressed admiration for the organization’s efforts, saying, “It’s a wonderful facility and an extremely deserving cause; they do a lot of great work there.”

The Inspiration Behind ‘Five’

Art with Meaning: Johnny Depp's 'Five' Revealed
Image: David Parry/PA Wire

Five‘ draws inspiration from a photograph taken for Christian Dior Parfums in 2015, which was used to announce Johnny Depp as the face of Dior Sauvage. The photograph was captured by French creative director Jean-Baptiste Mondino. Johnny chose this specific image as a tribute to Dior, appreciating the loyalty they have shown him throughout the years.

Johnny praises Jean-Baptiste Mondino’s photographic expertise, noting, “He’s got a great eye.” The actor appreciates how Mondino captures the subject’s essence, ensuring that the eyes reveal something profound or mysterious.

In conclusion, Johnny Depp’s debut self-portrait ‘Five‘ is not merely an artwork but a testament to creative healing and emotional exploration. By sharing this intimate piece, Johnny hopes to inspire others and contribute to the cause of mental health. The artwork’s connection to past inspirations further adds depth to its significance. ‘Five‘ stands as a masterpiece that reveals not only the artist’s talent but also his profound connection to his inner emotions and the world around him.