ARTOUI Launches ‘Home of Unique Art’ Concept Gallery in Munich

ARTOUI, a contemporary art company, has recently celebrated the grand opening of its first Concept Gallery located at Isartorplatz 4 in Munich.

The gallery showcases a range of contemporary paintings, fine art photography, and sculptures from the new century. This momentous occasion also marks the launch of the company’s online platform.

Unique Classification of ARTOUI’s Contemporary Art Portfolio

One of the key highlights of the gallery is the unique classification of the ARTOUI portfolio in contemporary art. The exhibits showcased in the Concept Gallery will be updated from time to time, and a complete overview of the artists and their artworks can be found on the company’s digital platform.

ARTOUI Gallery at Isartorplatz 4

The gallery at Isartorplatz 4 serves as the heart of the ARTOUI brand, where customized art concepts are created for companies and private collectors. The space also hosts conferences and pitches for design projects.

Visitors to the gallery’s opening exhibition were not only able to appreciate the contemporary artworks on display but were also given the opportunity to engage in discussions about contemporary art.

Cutting the Ribbon: Inauguration Ceremony

The gallery’s grand opening was attended by high-profile guests, including Jochen Schweizer and Munich-based Uschi Ackermann. The founders of ARTOUI, Benjamin Gibtner and Daniel Cid Gómez, conducted the official ribbon-cutting ceremony in front of approximately 110 guests, following which Paloma Wimmer gave a welcoming speech.

During the event, fine art photography by Kai Stuht, András Dobi, and Yussof Knauss was exhibited, along with paintings by Anna Van Den Hoevel, Johannes Kersting, and Michael Griesbeck. Guests were treated to tasty delicacies, great wine, and soft drinks.

Enthusiastic Conversations about Contemporary Art

After the individual gallery walks, the mood was at its peak. The gathering of artists, art lovers, and the ARTOUI team ended in enthusiastic conversations until late at night with moody jazz music. Moving forward, the gallery has planned discussion events and talk series to facilitate conversations about contemporary art.

In conclusion, the grand opening of ARTOUI’s Concept Gallery in Munich is a significant milestone for the company, marking its entry into the contemporary art world.

The unique classification of the company’s contemporary art portfolio, combined with its physical gallery and digital platform, provides a comprehensive experience for both art enthusiasts and collectors. The gallery’s future discussion events and talk series will further enhance the appreciation and understanding of contemporary art.