Astell&Kern Unveils A&futura SE300 Music Player

Astell&Kern, the trailblazing audio pioneer, is proud to showcase the A&futura SE300 digital music player at the prestigious High-End Munich 2023 event.

This latest portable device from the South Korean audio leader introduces a multitude of cutting-edge technological advancements, propelling us closer to the realm of pure analogue sound.

Introducing a New Era of Analog Sound

Drawing upon decades of relentless audio research and development, the A&futura SE300 revolutionizes the possibilities of analogue sound through innovative audio technology.

Unlike conventional audio players that utilize Delta-Sigma DAC, the SE300 embraces an ultra-refined R-2R DAC. The R-2R DAC, also known as Ladder DAC, arranges resistors in a ladder form, delivering a natural Hi-Fi sound with unparalleled dynamism.

Astell&Kern Unveils A&futura SE300 Music Player

The SE300 showcases a Dual AMP mode featuring Class A amplification, which faithfully reproduces the original sound, and Class AB amplification, renowned for its crisp and dynamic audio output with exceptional efficiency. This dual amp setup empowers listeners to choose the most suitable option for their unique preferences and music genres.

Combining the exquisitely designed R-2R DAC, ultra-precision resistors, and Class A AMP required the breakthrough audio technology of TERATON ALPHA. Astell&Kern’s proprietary innovation, TERATON ALPHA, has been meticulously engineered to eliminate power noise, optimize power management, and deliver unwavering amplification, resulting in an audio playback experience that faithfully captures the essence of the original sound.

Sculpted for Perfection: Flowing, Ergonomic Design

The A&futura SE300 boasts a seamless blend of aluminium and stainless steel, resulting in a visually striking and durable device. The streamlined surfaces of this music player are carefully designed to evoke the fluidity of music, creating a firm yet flexible impression.

The polished right side of the SE300 showcases a mesmerizing triangular-patterned volume wheel, offering a visually stunning contrast. Illuminated subtly from behind, the volume wheel creates an effect of light emanating from within the music player, captivating the user’s attention.

To further enhance the sense of flow, the rear glass of the SE300 features an exquisite etching pattern with varying inclinations, producing a mesmerizing sense of depth. Additionally, the curved bottom section of the device ensures an ergonomic grip for optimal comfort during usage.

Reimagining User Interface: A Harmonious Connection

Astell&Kern Unveils A&futura SE300 Music Player

The SE300 introduces a redesigned Crimson-themed UI/UX, forging a deep and meaningful connection between the listener and their music. With its easy-to-use album art search function, users can effortlessly browse music categories, rekindling the joy of experiencing and interacting with music album art as an integral part of their listening journey.

Availability and Pricing

The A&futura SE300 will be available for purchase at and a selection of trusted retailers. The recommended retail price for this exceptional music player is £1,899/€2,199/$1,900/$3,099 AUD.

In conclusion, the Astell&Kern A&futura SE300 music player is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology. With its innovative R-2R DAC, dual amp setup, and TERATON ALPHA, this portable device offers an unparalleled listening experience, bringing us closer to the purest form of analogue sound.

Combined with its flowing, ergonomic design and redesigned user interface, the SE300 sets a new standard for portable music players.

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