Avani Frankfurt City Hotel: A Techno-Inspired Oasis in the Heart of Frankfurt

Avani Hotels & Resorts, the sophisticated lifestyle brand under the umbrella of Minor Hotels, proudly announced its latest venture into Europe with the unveiling of Avani Frankfurt City Hotel.

Nestled in the bustling central business district of Frankfurt, this marks a significant milestone as the brand’s inaugural entry into the vibrant German hospitality scene.

This rebranded establishment seamlessly blends design and functionality, creating an ambience that pays homage to the city’s illustrious electronic music legacy.

Pulsating with Techno Nostalgia

Avani Frankfurt City Hotel pays homage to Frankfurt’s pivotal role as a trailblazer in the techno-music movement of the 1980s.

During this era, the city became a nucleus for influential nightclubs, record stores, musicians, and labels.

Avani Frankfurt City Hotel: A Techno-Inspired Oasis in the Heart of Frankfurt

The hotel’s lobby is adorned with iconic album covers and framed vinyl discs from this golden age, while a faux fireplace, accompanied by a vintage record player, sets a nostalgic tone. Adding to the allure are floor-to-ceiling LED screens showcasing dynamic techno animations.

The thematic experience extends to five uniquely named meeting rooms with a shared breakout area, offering versatile spaces for workshops, training sessions, themed dinners, and team-building activities, accommodating up to 140 delegates.

Elevated Accommodations for the Modern Traveller

Spanning seven floors, Avani Frankfurt boasts 256 guest rooms and suites, each thoughtfully equipped with contemporary amenities. Guests can indulge in a power shower, relish freshly brewed coffee from an in-room machine, and ensure wrinkle-free attire with a garment steamer.

Cutting-edge technology further enhances the stay, featuring Google’s Chromecast TV for seamless streaming and high-quality Bluetooth speakers for a personalized entertainment experience.

Culinary Delights and Socialising Spaces

Avani Frankfurt City Hotel takes pride in its spacious dining venues, designed to cater to guests seeking simplicity and quality. The buffet-style restaurant offers leisurely breakfasts, while The Pantry, Avani’s signature grab-and-go concept, serves fresh snacks, wraps, vegan bites, smoothies, Buddha bowls, and matcha tea.

Avani Frankfurt City Hotel: A Techno-Inspired Oasis in the Heart of Frankfurt

As night falls, The Pantry transforms into a lively social hub where guests can enjoy smart cocktails complemented by 24/7 in-room dining services.

Wellness and Creativity Unleashed

For wellness enthusiasts, AvaniFit gym beckons with state-of-the-art cardio machines, weight stations, steam baths, and a sauna. Guests can also embrace the outdoors, exploring the nearby River Main with its scenic jogging trails and water bike tours, offering panoramic views of the “Mainhatten” skyline.

Avani Frankfurt goes beyond conventional offerings, curating experiences in collaboration with the city’s leading creatives. Entkorkte Kunst hosts a “Techno Painting” workshop, blending art and electronic music with delectable cocktails and live DJ beats.

Avani Frankfurt City Hotel: A Techno-Inspired Oasis in the Heart of Frankfurt

Meanwhile, Hush Beats orchestrates a “Silent Techno Walking Tour,” guiding guests through city landmarks to a specially curated playlist, including a visit to the Museum of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM).

Avani Hotels & Resorts’ European Odyssey

Conveniently positioned near major transport hubs, Avani Frankfurt City Hotel is a mere 25-minute drive from the airport and train station. Within walking distance, guests can explore world-class museums and the renowned Zeil shopping street. Avani Double Rooms start from EUR 175 (approx. USD 190) per room, per night, inclusive of breakfast and taxes.

With an already formidable presence in Asia, the Middle East, and Southern Africa, Avani Hotels & Resorts made waves in 2023 with openings in Milan, Venice, and the Spanish capital.

Avani Frankfurt City Hotel: A Techno-Inspired Oasis in the Heart of Frankfurt

The brand’s expansion continues in 2024, with new establishments set to grace European and Seychellois landscapes, as well as South and Central American destinations.

In conclusion, Avani Frankfurt City Hotel not only signifies the brand’s European expansion but also exemplifies a harmonious blend of contemporary luxury and a nod to Frankfurt’s musical heritage. It stands as a testament to Avani Hotels & Resorts’ commitment to delivering exceptional and immersive experiences to its discerning global audience.

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