Avani Hotels & Resorts Expands to Europe: Exciting Openings in Spain and Italy

Avani Hotels & Resorts, the upscale lifestyle brand of Minor Hotels, is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated debut in Spain and Italy with the opening of Avani Alonso Martínez and Avani Palazzo Moscova.

Situated in the vibrant cities of Madrid and Milan respectively, these remarkable properties embody Avani’s modern and functional approach, providing an exceptional experience for discerning travellers. With meticulous design and a focus on flexibility and socialization, Avani’s entrance into these cosmopolitan destinations marks an exciting new chapter for the brand.

Avani Hotels & Resorts Expands to Europe: Exciting Openings in Spain and Italy

Avani Alonso Martínez and Avani Palazzo Moscova have been meticulously crafted with the millennial-minded traveller in mind, offering a curated selection of hand-picked experiences that immerse guests in the local culture. These properties cater to the preferences of digital nomads and bleisure travellers, providing state-of-the-art AvaniFit gyms for wellness enthusiasts to maintain their fitness routines. Additionally, convenient grab-and-go dining options are available to cater to dynamic lifestyles.

Introducing Avani Alonso Martínez: The First Avani Hotel in Spain

Avani Alonso Martínez is perfectly located just steps away from the iconic central square that shares its name. This architectural gem, dating back to 1919, features a captivating century-old façade adorned with wrought-iron balconies. Following a meticulous renovation, this upscale hotel seamlessly combines its historic elegance with a fresh and contemporary design.

Avani Hotels & Resorts Expands to Europe: Exciting Openings in Spain and Italy

Every detail of Avani Alonso Martínez’s interior draws inspiration from the vibrant city of Madrid. As guests enter, they are greeted by a magnificent sculpture of a yellow cat, an emblematic animal associated with the locals. The colourful lobby showcases walls enhanced with signs displaying typical Madrileño expressions, immersing visitors in the city’s unique culture.

The stairwell pays homage to the region’s traditional dress with a series of elaborate Manila shawls hand-painted on the walls, adding a touch of artistry and charm. As part of the refurbishment, the hotel has expanded the breakfast area to provide guests with an enhanced dining experience. Additionally, guests can enjoy the convenience of The Pantry, offering a flexible solution with a selection of coffee, pastries, salads, and sandwiches.

Avani Hotels & Resorts Expands to Europe: Exciting Openings in Spain and Italy

Avani Alonso Martínez Madrid boasts 101 rooms that seamlessly integrate modern technology with unrivalled comfort. Reflecting the essence of the Spanish capital, the décor showcases distinctive elements honouring the city’s heritage. The bedcovers feature a stylish houndstooth pattern, reminiscent of the iconic print worn by traditional Madrileños known as chulapos. Headboards feature captivating cat designs, while vintage-style paintings depict local festivities like San Isidro. Lampshades elegantly display vintage maps of the city centre, immersing guests in the rich tapestry of Madrid’s history and culture.

Guests of Avani Alonso Martínez can unlock the city’s hidden gems with an innovative series of experiences. From thrilling Segway adventures to discovering lesser-known spots showcasing notable murals and graffiti displays, the possibilities are endless. The hotel also offers picturesque picnics on the sprawling lawns of Retiro Park, allowing guests to enjoy a tranquil escape in the heart of the bustling city.

Avani Hotels & Resorts Expands to Europe: Exciting Openings in Spain and Italy

For those seeking a creative outlet, Wine Gogh offers a glow-in-the-dark painting workshop where locals and tourists can come together to craft their personal masterpieces with neon paint. All while sipping local wines and surrendering to the rhythm of an eclectic soundtrack, igniting their artistic inspiration. Food enthusiasts can indulge in private dinners held in hidden galleries and studios, offering an artistic ambiance and the chance to taste authentic Spanish dishes.

Avani Palazzo Moscova: A Neoclassical Gem in Milan

Avani makes its Italian debut in the vibrant city of Milan, positioned perfectly between two bustling districts: Porta Nuova, celebrated for its futuristic skyscrapers, and Corso Como, renowned for its nightlife. Housed within a neoclassical building that once stood as the city’s first railway station, envisioned by the esteemed engineer Giulio Sarti, Avani Palazzo Moscova exudes timeless charm.

Avani Hotels & Resorts Expands to Europe: Exciting Openings in Spain and Italy

Avani Palazzo Moscova presents a collection of 65 thoughtfully designed rooms and suites, blending modern aesthetics with a minimalist touch in a palette of soothing white and beige tones. Each space within the hotel has been created to provide a haven of comfort and tranquillity, allowing guests to unwind and rejuvenate in style. Every room and suite at Avani Palazzo Moscova ensures the utmost convenience and a seamless experience for discerning travellers.

In addition to The Pantry and AvaniFit gym, Avani Palazzo Moscova is home to the AmaTi Spa. Located within the captivating confines of the original vaults of the former railway station, guests can immerse themselves in a world of peaceful indulgence. Expert therapists offer a personalized selection of treatments, allowing guests to replenish their wellbeing in the serene atmosphere of the sauna, hammam, and jacuzzi.

The gastronomic experience at Avani Palazzo Moscova is nothing short of exceptional. The signature seafood restaurant, Forte Milano, offers guests a delightful terrace ambiance while savouring Mediterranean-inspired dishes influenced by the flavors of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Celebrating the region’s rich seafood heritage, Forte Milano highlights the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients in its range of signature dishes, including red shrimp gnocchi with pecorino and scampi and artichoke tagliolini.

Avani Hotels & Resorts Expands to Europe: Exciting Openings in Spain and Italy

Avani Palazzo Moscova also offers a diverse range of authentic guest experiences. From “nonna approved” pasta making classes with a local chef to an unforgettable tour of the city aboard a meticulously restored 1971 Fiat 500, guests are presented with opportunities to create lasting memories. Fashion enthusiasts can enjoy a private shopping tour tailored to their preferences, ensuring a truly personalized experience. Additionally, an Instagram-inspired photoshoot captures the essence of Milan’s historic city centre, allowing guests to take home tangible memories.

These highly anticipated openings mark Avani’s expansion in the European market. With additional properties set to launch in key cities across Italy and Germany in the coming months, as well as the Netherlands next year, Avani is committed to global expansion and diversifying its upscale hotel offering. Later this year, Avani will make its entrance into South and Central America with upcoming hotels in Colombia and Mexico. These milestones further underscore Avani’s dedication to providing exceptional hospitality experiences worldwide.


The arrival of Avani Hotels & Resorts in Spain and Italy with the opening of Avani Alonso Martínez and Avani Palazzo Moscova marks an exciting milestone for the upscale lifestyle brand. With their modern and functional design, these remarkable properties in Madrid and Milan offer an exceptional experience for millennial-minded travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture.

As Avani Hotels & Resorts expands into these cosmopolitan destinations, it signifies an exciting new chapter for the brand, further establishing its reputation as a leading player in the upscale hospitality industry. Whether it’s discovering the streets of Madrid or exploring the fashion capital of Milan, guests can look forward to an exceptional stay at Avani Alonso Martínez and Avani Palazzo Moscova, where modern comfort and immersive experiences come together seamlessly.

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