Bacchanalia – London’s Hottest New Restaurant

Discover the ultimate dining experience at Bacchanalia, the One Mount Street destination concept from Richard Caring.

From the moment you step inside, you’ll be transported to a world of culinary delights, breathtaking artwork, and impeccable service.

Immerse yourself in the epicentre of sophistication and revel in the unparalleled dining experience that Bacchanalia offers.

Art, Cuisine, and Wine Come Together at Bacchanalia

Bacchanalia is a unique concept that brings together the best in art, cuisine, and wine.

The impressive dining room, curated by Mr Caring and acclaimed interior architect Martin Brudnizki, features five magnificent Damien Hirst statues, hand-painted ceiling murals, and a collection of awe-inspiring 2,000-year-old Greek and Roman artworks.

The dining room’s centrepiece is Gary Myatt’s modern interpretation of “Romans In Their Decadence” which spans floor to ceiling.

Experience the Flavors of Greece and Italy at Bacchanalia

Bacchanalia - London's Hottest New Restaurant

Internationally renowned chef Athinagoras Kostakos brings the story of Bacchanalia to life through his beautifully curated menu inspired by Greek and Italian cuisine.

Each dish is a work of art and is flamboyantly finished at your table, offering a theatrical feast for diners.

Highlights of the menu include freshly mixed beef tartare, fire-roasted Ouzo, seabass, and carved leg of lamb. The seasonal menu features dishes such as Crab Salad, Sea Bream Carpaccio, Risotto Nero, and Turbot for two to share.

Antipasti options include grilled octopus and fried baby squid, while pasta dishes range from Linguine Vongole to a vegan Penne Arrabbiata.

Indulge in Bacchanalia’s own branded caviar or finish your meal with a twist on a traditional tiramisu, a traditional Greek Karydopita, or a vegan citrus pavlova.

Bacchanalia - London's Hottest New Restaurant

New to the menu in 2023, lunchtime favourites include Red Shrimp Carpaccio with lemon sauce and crispy shrimp, and Lobster Paccheri Pasta in a creamy bisque sauce.

Savour the Finest Wines from Around the World at Bacchanalia

Bacchanalia features a great wine list that has been individually selected by Caprice Holdings’ Group Wine Director, Terry Kandylis.

With over 650 references from Greece, Italy, France, and beyond, Bacchanalia is the only destination in London to feature 25 Italian 100-point wines.

The wine list also includes exclusive Bacchanalia own-label wines, including a House Champagne, Champagne Rare, Super Tuscan red, and Assyrtiko white wine.

Begin Your Journey with a Cocktail at the Bar

Start your Bacchanalia journey with a seat at the bar, inspired by classical myths and featuring a palette of marbles, mosaics, and furnishings.

The expansive cocktail menu features a mix of Italian and Greek-inspired drinks presented in eye-catching cocktail vessels.

Highlights include Lost in Athens, Baklava, and Karpouzi.

Bacchanalia - London's Hottest New Restaurant

Step into the World of Greek Gods and Goddesses at Bacchanalia

Different parts of the restaurant depict stories of Greek gods and goddesses, with the ladies’ restroom telling the story of the Garden of Hesperides and the men’s restrooms immersing visitors in Hades’ underworld.

The entire space is adorned with an array of period and modern Greek and Roman art, many pieces of which are over 2,000 years old.

Each part of the restaurant depicts different stories of Greek gods and goddesses, adding to the immersive and unique experience. The ladies’ restroom, for example, tells the story of the Garden of Hesperides with an extravagant design filled with nymphs and mosaics of verdant orchard greenery.

The men’s restrooms, on the other hand, immerse visitors in Hades’ underworld with a sultry palette and panthers, snakes, and bulls depicted throughout.

In addition to the main restaurant and impressive mezzanine seating, Bacchanalia also features a show-stopping private dining room, Artemis.

Bacchanalia - London's Hottest New Restaurant

With large windows overlooking the entire restaurant below, this private dining room provides a unique dining experience that is second to none.

Guests can enjoy a weekly program of DJs and live performances, as well as al-fresco seating with views across Berkeley Square.

Even More Exclusivity

For those who are looking for the ultimate members-only experience, Bacchanalia recently announced Apollo’s Muse, London’s newest and most exclusive members’ club.

Inspired by the Admirable Gallery at Villa Albani, this members-only area offers a bespoke menu, exquisite experiences, and a weekly program of members-only events.

In conclusion, Bacchanalia is a truly unforgettable dining experience that offers guests a unique and immersive journey through the world of Greek and Roman mythology.

With a menu curated by an internationally renowned chef, an impressive wine list, and an impressive collection of art and sculptures, Bacchanalia is the perfect destination for a special occasion or simply a night out with friends.