Balmain Fall Winter 2019 Collection

If I had to describe the Balmain Fall Winter 2019 collection it would be studs, studs, studs and more studs. The wonderfully contrasting collection (with contrast being a major theme this season) is a constant battle between soft and strong, various texture types, formal and casual, bold and subtle, complex and simple. It celebrates all facets and aspects of the modern female.

The usage of black and white, as seen in many collections this season such as the Ralph Lauren show, has been masterfully used throughout to create an eye-catching look with pieces that are bound to become iconic. Many of the pieces had an almost ’80s rebel feel to it while keeping a forward-thinking feel. The contrast extended to the combinational use of thick, dense material with sheer, seethrough. Feathers and ruffles also play a large part throughout.

Another trend in the collection that has been omnipresent throughout all of the fashion weeks this season is that of oversized pieces. The Balmain Fall Winter 2019 collection is a bold, romantic and flirtatious one that explores all facets of the modern woman. It is an unexpected collection from the label is basically the reinvention of punk. And we can’t get enough of it!

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