Banyan Tree Krabi: EarthCheck Silver for Eco Excellence

Banyan Tree Krabi, nestled on Tubkaek Beach and renowned for its luxurious offerings, has recently achieved a significant milestone in sustainability.

The resort proudly stands as the first in the Krabi region to be awarded Silver Certification by EarthCheck, a globally acclaimed scientific benchmarking organization within the hospitality industry.

EarthCheck Silver Certification: Recognizing Excellence

Following a thorough audit conducted by EarthCheck, the Silver Certification acknowledges Banyan Tree Krabi’s commitment to sustainable practices across various key performance areas.

Banyan Tree Krabi: EarthCheck Silver for Eco Excellence

These include Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Efficiency, Management of Freshwater Resources, Ecosystem Conservation & Management, Social & Cultural Management, Land Use Planning & Management, Air Quality Protection, Wastewater Management, Solid Waste Management, and Management of Environmentally Harmful Substances.

Banyan Tree Krabi’s Sustainability Initiatives

Bingni Wu, EarthCheck’s Relationship Manager, emphasized the stringent criteria that member establishments must meet annually. According to Wu, genuine sustainability requires continuous efforts, going beyond mere compliance with standards. The goal is not merely ticking boxes but instigating tangible and lasting changes.

Head of Banyan Tree Krabi’s Sustainability Team, Thepsuda Loyjiw, highlighted the resort’s dedication to reducing consumption rates through enhanced efficiency and the adoption of innovative technologies and practices.

As a marine biologist, Loyjiw emphasized eco-friendly activities offered to guests, such as forest bathing and hiking in the adjacent national park, fostering environmental awareness and conservation.

Cultural Experiences and Community Engagement

The resort’s commitment extends to cultural experiences, including Thai cookery classes, Thai boxing, Thai language lessons, and visits to an elephant sanctuary.

Banyan Tree Krabi also actively organizes beach clean-up campaigns and, as part of the “Stay For Good” initiative, conducts tours to a local fishing community where guests can engage in handcraft workshops.

Looking ahead, Loyjiw’s team is gearing up for a cage-free egg policy and a sustainable seafood programme at the hotel. These initiatives exemplify Banyan Tree Krabi’s proactive approach to enhancing sustainability practices.

Award-Winning Resorts in Spectacular Settings

Situated on Tubkaek Beach and inaugurated in 2020, Banyan Tree Krabi offers a breathtaking backdrop with forested national parks and iconic limestone towers. The resort boasts 72 pool suites and villas, with facilities ranging from restaurants and a beach bar to a fitness centre and a rainforest-themed spa.

Banyan Tree Krabi: EarthCheck Silver for Eco Excellence

Inspired by its sister resort, Banyan Tree Samui, Banyan Tree Krabi aspires to emulate its success. Banyan Tree Samui, established in 2010, recently earned EarthCheck’s Platinum Certification, a rare accomplishment making it the sole hotel in Thailand with this distinction.

Both Banyan Tree resorts received accolades in the Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards. Banyan Tree Krabi secured the fourth position in the Top Resorts in Thailand category, while Banyan Tree Samui claimed the fifth spot, underscoring their popularity and excellence in the eyes of discerning travellers.


Banyan Tree Krabi’s EarthCheck Silver Certification reinforces its commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. As the first in the Krabi region to achieve this honour, the resort stands as a beacon of excellence, leading the way towards a more sustainable future in the hospitality industry.

With a focus on continuous improvement, community engagement, and cultural enrichment, Banyan Tree Krabi sets an exemplary standard for luxury resorts, proving that environmental responsibility and top-tier hospitality can go hand in hand.

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