How To Host A Barbeque For Friends With Special Diets – It’s Easier Than You Think

Hosting guests in your home can be anxiety-inducing for some, and when special diets are added into the mix, things get even more complicated.

We’ve put together some ideas that work well together – so that everyone can be included and satisfied – and you’ll be the host of the year. 

For The Vegans

Catering to vegans is less complicated than many think. There are so many vegan foods that are delicious, rich in protein, and don’t break the bank. Try a meat option that can give both your meat-eaters and your vegan guests the full barbeque experience and a real treat.

There are numerous products on the market – you might be surprised to find that you can buy vegan lamb chops, steaks, and even Kebab – that have been specially created to taste like the real thing. 

Other quick, easy, and nutritious options or multifunctional sides include things like this pecan and arugula salad, mini pizzas with vegan cheese, and falafels in pita bread. 

How To Host A Barbeque For Friends With Special Diets - It’s Easier Than You Think

For The Meat Lovers

A good steak or tender lamb chops always provide the perfect base for a meaty barbeque, but remember, the secret’s in the sauce! If you can choose an amazing sauce, the rest will be history. They don’t have to be anything especially unique – it’s more about the quality of what you buy. Barbeque, peri-peri, and mayonnaise are prerequisites. Pair with sides like corn salads, fresh garlic bread, and fruit for dessert to ease the guilt a little. 

Make sure to take a look at this guide to cooking the perfect steak on the barbecue before you start, and consider incorporating something meaty into the snack spread if your main is going to be something else. 

How To Host A Barbeque For Friends With Special Diets - It’s Easier Than You Think

For The Gluten-Avoidants

If you know your gluten-avoiding friends, they’ll probably tell you they’re pretty tired of getting fed baked potatoes at their friends’ places. Try a quinoa dish. Quinoa is an unusual grain in that it’s full of protein, making it satiating, and it also has a great nutty texture. There are numerous recipes online for cheesy quinoa balls, but if you want to make them accessible to vegans too, try this recipe which ups the flavour ante with spring onion and cranberries. 

For The Dieters

Your friends who come to the barbecue know they’re in for a tough day, with all the delicious, calorie-packed dishes at their fingertips. There are several easy ways to include them, though, through incorporating vegetables onto the grill and making sure the snack selection has plenty of healthy options. Take a look at these impressive recipes for a dash of inspiration, and make sure to include lower-calorie protein options such as chicken kebabs. 

How To Host A Barbeque For Friends With Special Diets - It’s Easier Than You Think

For The Pescatarians

If you’re short on time, use your fish option as a double for the dieters, who usually hold fish in high regard. Fish can work beautifully on the grill. Try this easy salmon on the grill and these melt-in-the-mouth fishcakes

How To Host A Barbeque For Friends With Special Diets - It’s Easier Than You Think

For Those Who Don’t Drink 

One of the classiest, best ways to please non-drinkers is to provide one drink with fizz, and one without. Simple and cost-effective solutions that always do the trick include a good-quality lime cordial and soda, and homemade iced tea (or store-bought) with some slices of fresh citrus fruit. Alternatively, take it to the next level with these showstopping non-alcoholic drinks

In Praise Of Overlap

The dieters will love the quinoa dishes, which are packed with protein while being low-fat and tasty. Meat lovers might actually try vegan meat products after getting a whiff of their flavour on the grill. The pescatarians will be able to enjoy all of the above, plus their special extras. 

The Power Of The Snack Table 

In all your overthinking about the mains, remember not to overlook the importance of snacks. Some great options that provide a fix for a multitude of diets tastes include: 

  • Falafels 
  • Fresh crudite vegetables 
  • Bowls of different nuts 
  • Chicken wings or nuggets 
  • Fresh fruit 
  • Soft bread such as french loaf that can be easily broken, and dips
  • Potato and/or corn salads
  • Fresh garden salads

By combining just a few of the dishes above, you’ll find you’ve pleased everyone and not actually done that much cooking. 

Good luck and happy barbecue!

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