How To Be A Beloved Family Member: 6 Tips That Work Every Time

The holidays are coming, and we’re all impatient to see our families again, but at the same time, we feel a bit anxious about the things that will happen. Having a huge family is a blessing, but some people feel abandoned or distanced. It may be an illusion or it may be true.

Feeling distanced and wanting to make your family see the true you, means making some changes. No one gets instant gratitude for nothing; you must work for it and earn it. You must show people that you’re a great and loving family member, which is why they should appreciate you.

In this article, we share six essential tips you must follow to become one. We will show you what you must do to become the favourite son, nephew, cousin, parent, or grandparent. Keep reading and learn more about making changes in your life that will spark a loving reaction from the family.

How To Be A Beloved Family Member: 6 Tips That Work Every Time

1. Occasionally Call Or Visit Instead Of Text

Showing that you care is important. You may be the most passionate and interested person in the world, but if you don’t show it, how will anyone know about it? People can’t read your mind. Instead, you should occasionally show them you care. Texting is not showing, especially if we’re talking about the elderly.

As your generation has particular rules in communication, so do previous generations. They didn’t know what texting is, so it is best to visit them or call them to show you care. You don’t have to do much; just ask them how they are and how their day is going, and tell them that you just called to check on them because you care.

2. Buy Presents On Significant Holidays

What’s Christmas without Christmas gifts? This is our way of saying, ‘I love you.’ It doesn’t matter what your budget is; there’s always something to get for as little money as you may have. Go to the mall or order online and when the present arrives, wrap it in beautiful paper and wait for the right time.

Everyone will be thrilled if they see you haven’t forgotten them on important dates. When their birthdays come, you should knock on their doors with a small gift and tell them you love them. The gift will be a remembrance of the moment you’ve done this, and the emotion will be worth more than the present itself.

How To Be A Beloved Family Member: 6 Tips That Work Every Time

3. Run Errands For Those In Need

When you call the elderly, for example, it’s wise to ask them if they need something. They might struggle to pay their bills online or carry something heavy from the market. Offer your help. Yes, you might do something you don’t really enjoy after school or work, but it’s for a good cause.

You’ll feel splendid after the task is done. When you see their happy faces, knowing that you helped, it’s an indescribable feeling. Just one act of kindness, and these people instantly change their view of you. If you make this regular practice, you become their favourite son, nephew, etc.

4. Always Wear A Smile On Your Face

No one likes a Grinch. Always have a smile on your face and be positive. There are many things in the world that are already negative and bothering the people around you, so why should you be the one who will bring additional negativity? Instead, be the one that lights their day.

You surely know someone who’s always smiling. Think about it; you love being around this person. You enjoy their company. It is the same with everyone else. If you feel like someone’s giving you a hard time, reply with being positive. That’s how you turn things around.

How To Be A Beloved Family Member: 6 Tips That Work Every Time

5. Praise Them For Their Actions And Show Gratitude

Everyone wants to hear they are beautiful, doing something good, and you appreciate them for who they are. Showing gratitude to people that surely deserve it is one step closer to winning their hearts over. There are many ways to do this.

Suppose it’s your aunt who baked a cake. Show vividly how much you love what she did. Let’s say your son went to the store and brought the bread you forgot to buy. Greet them at the door and tell them it was the nicest thing they’ve done the whole day, and you’re very grateful for what they’ve done. This little thing goes a long way.

6. Dress Nicely And Have Healthy Habits

Always dress nicely, look good, and have healthy habits. Others perceive us by the way we show ourselves. If you look unhealthy, depressed, and lack care for yourself, that’s how people will see you.

It’s normal to have a certain style, but if you want to be seen as the bellowed family member, you’ll have to follow their rules. If you don’t want to, then stick to what you love.

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