How To Become A Writer: 8 Easy Practical Steps To Follow

Let’s start by asking why you would like to be a writer. Writing is not the highest-paid profession and is far from the most popular. But still, thousands of people every year want to try their hand at writing, and if you are one of them, we have prepared for you 8 effective tips on how to become a good writer. We’ll talk about how to write well and how to market yourself.

Of course, some of these tips may not exactly apply to your situation, so choose what works for you and save this article for future reference when it may be useful to you in your professional advancement. Let’s get started to know more about how to become a better writer immediately even with no experience.

How To Become A Writer: 8 Easy Practical Steps To Follow

Write More Than You Read

One of the most popular tips you’ll come across when you want to try your hand at being a professional writer is to read as much as you can. Read books, and professional articles, read some manuals on how to become a writer, read literature for editors, and so on. Read as much as possible, and then you will write better. This is true. But the problem is that people very often follow only the first part of this advice. They read a lot, but practically none of this is put into practice, and they do not begin to write regularly.

That is, you must understand that your goal is not to become the best reader, but to become a professional, and preferably a highly paid writer. Therefore, consider that you should always write more time than when you read or study something about writing.

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Don’t Try To Be Good In Everything

Just like any other job, writing as a profession has many types, specializations, and options. For some reason, no one expects a surgeon to be a good massage therapist. Nobody expects a tax specialist to be a good financial strategist, but for some reason, everyone expects that if a person can write a good blog post, then he can draw an advertisement, a newsletter, a fiction book, and absolutely any text. You must understand that this is absolutely not the case, and focus on your abilities and interests, and not on the expectations of other people.

The sooner you find a niche in which you are good and interested in writing and developing, the sooner you will become a well-paid specialist because you will be able to improve your skills and charge more money for your work.

How To Become A Writer: 8 Easy Practical Steps To Follow

Define When You Want To Start Getting Paid

We have not yet started talking about how you can learn to write better, but we are already talking about how you can learn to earn better money. So many writers suffer from impostor syndrome, and for a very long time, they feel that they are not good enough to start charging money for their writing. Why does this happen to writers? Because in school and college, we are all taught to write in one way or another.

And it seems that everyone owns this skill, and it’s even somehow embarrassing to take money for it, and you should be grateful if you were asked to help with some texts, and you can do it for free, or almost for free. But it’s not. Professional writing is hard work, and when you start learning it, determine for yourself how many months you will start taking the first money for this work. This will make it easier for you to move from free assignments to paid project

Don’t Dismiss Freewriting Techniques

One of the most useful psychological techniques, especially for those who find it difficult to do other forms of meditation, is considered freewriting, this is when you sit down and for 15 minutes just write whatever comes to your mind. It is advisable to do this by hand and then not re-read what you wrote. It helps to release tension, think through thoughts that are useful to you, and shed any unnecessary husks from your thoughts.

Professional authors are often ironic about this practice and believe that they should not do this, they write all day, why do they need freewriting as well? In fact, freewriting helps to get rid of the banalest phrases and thoughts that we drag out of our heads into our commercial texts. Therefore, 15 minutes of freewriting a day, especially in the morning, will have a positive effect on the quality of your texts.

Find The Editor You Trust

If you’re really going to grow in this profession, and not just make some quick money like quick bucks, you should definitely start working with an editor. Typically the company that orders texts from you already has an editor, and he will read your texts. But this is not the editor you chose. This is the editor that was decided for you. It will be very valuable if you spend some money and find your own personal editor who will read at least some of your texts, and find some patterns in the mistakes.

This way you can quickly stop doing them and start writing the highest quality texts with minimal edits from customers.

Use Online Services

There are a huge number of online services for writers. And we are talking not only about the sensational ChatGPT, but also about such standard services as proofreaders, services for formatting quotes, checking uniqueness, and so on. Of course, all of them require an investment, because free services are either limited or not of sufficient quality. But after a month or two of use, you will understand that you can already charge much more money for your texts because their quality is growing, originality is always verified, and customers are satisfied.

Always Allocate Time For Proofreading

No matter how urgent the deadline is ahead of you, you should always leave time for good and effective proofreading. It is better to ask the customer for a delay than to give him an unverified text with a lot of grammatical, stylistic and structural errors. No one wants to do your work for you, and certainly, no one wants to pay for a bad result.

How To Become A Writer: 8 Easy Practical Steps To Follow

Have Other Hobbies Than Writing

It is not known for what reason, but very often professional authors who write for money find hobbies that are also related to writing. For example, they sell IT services at work and write fantasy stories in their spare time. Or they help some NGO to make websites or write texts for them. There are a lot of such people, but it is better not to become one of them.

This does not mean that you should write your personal book. But just look for a hobby outside your profession, preferably not related to the computer. So you will not only enrich your world but also become healthier.

We hope that some of these practical tips will help you deal with the blocks on the way to professional writing and you will become a writer with brilliant skills.

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