Limited Edition Beesou Cocktails Take Over for World Bee Day

Celebrate World Bee Day in style this May at The Nest, the stunning rooftop bar at Treehouse Hotel London, with Beesou’s limited edition cocktail menu.

Beesou, the all-natural honey-wine aperitif, is dedicated to saving the bees, and this new cocktail menu is their latest effort to raise awareness around the importance of bees in our ecosystem.

The low-in alcohol drink, with just 11% ABV, boasts a vibrant yellow hue, naturally extracted from safflower. The curated cocktail menu includes four unique and seasonally inspired beverages, all made with the natural bittersweet blend free from artificial flavourings or colourings.

Limited Edition Beesou Cocktails Take Over for World Bee Day

Guests can enjoy the beautiful views of the London skyline surrounded by natural greenery, wooden hanging bees, and cozy Beesou yellow cushions and blankets.

The Nest’s Beverage Manager, Hugo Maclean, has worked closely with Beesou to create these special cocktails, using British-inspired ingredients. Each sip will take guests on a sensory journey of the senses.

The menu includes the following drinks:

  • Bee’groni with Prosecco in it – Beesou, Dry Vermouth, English Sparking Wine
  • New Bees with New Knees – Sapling Gin, Beesou, Lemon, Honey, Vegan Egg White and Salt
  • Make it Matcha – Sapling Vodka, Beesou, Matcha Tea, honey & lemon, egg white and soda water
  • Whiskey, Honey, Ginger – Jameson Whiskey, Beesou, Citrus Cordial, and Ginger Ale

Beesou is a B-Corp-certified aperitif, committed to responsibly sourcing all ingredients and using sustainable plastic-free packaging, including eco-corks. The company donates 10% of all profits to Bees for Development, a charity that helps individuals in under-developed regions of the world become more self-sufficient through beekeeping. Camilla, Queen Consort, is the first President of the charity.

The Nest is also dedicated to a more sustainable future, located within the eco-conscious Treehouse Hotel London. Together with Beesou, they are raising awareness of the importance of bees, offering guests the first honey-kissed B-Corp aperitif.

The Beesou x The Nest at Treehouse Hotel London special cocktail menu will be available throughout May 2023, so don’t miss this unique opportunity to taste the delicious drinks while supporting a great cause!


Beesou is not your average drinks brand. Its promise is to create a buzz with exciting, all-natural, and honey-based drinks that provide consumers with a new perspective and allow them to see the world through the eyes of a bee.

Mark Wakefield, one of the co-founders, was frustrated with the lack of clarity surrounding the ingredients used in drinks and the fact that they are not required to list them, unlike food labels. This led to the discovery that many brands use E numbers to color their drinks. In response, the co-founders wanted to create an aperitif-style drink that is fully transparent about its ingredients, and thus, Beesou was born.

The co-founders of Beesou believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on knowing what you’re putting into your body when enjoying a drink. They are environmentally conscious and wanted to create a drink from honey that could help raise awareness about saving the bees, support ethical beekeeping, and raise money for bee charities. Their mission was to create an all-natural aperitif using ethically sourced honey with a core mission to save the bees.

Limited Edition Beesou Cocktails Take Over for World Bee Day

To develop the unique blend of this honey-based drink, the founders worked with a multi-award-winning wineologist and a leading beverage specialist with experience in fruit wines. After hundreds of trials and tastings over a two-year period, Beesou was born and developed into a uniquely complex, delicate, and smooth bitter honey aperitif.

Beesou is not only a delicious drink, but it is also a category definer, as Beehave Beverages is a confirmed B Corporation. Ten percent of profits from Beesou go to the Bees For Development charity, making it an ethical choice that contributes to a more sustainable future. By choosing Beesou, you can enjoy a tasty aperitif while also supporting a great cause.

The Nest

The Nest is an exceptional rooftop bar situated on the 16th level of the Treehouse London hotel, providing astonishing 360-degree vistas of the city’s skyline. Upon entering the dimly lit wood-panelled entrance, visitors will be greeted by unprecedented views of the cityscape, alongside an elegant and vivacious bar that serves imaginative drinks and playful, market-inspired nibbles.

The Nest is a photogenic bar that captures the hotel’s whimsical, rustic, and nostalgic design, featuring lush greenery as a central element, with a living wall in the outdoor space and integrated throughout the indoor area using natural materials, such as striking raffia light fixtures and repurposed wood details.

In-house DJs will spin tunes from their treehouse “fort” indoors, and an open-air terrace encircles the entire bar, furnished with chaise lounges and a tandem swing set. The Nest operates from noon to 1 am every day, with guest DJs entertaining guests from Tuesday to Saturday, commencing from 8 pm until late.

Treehouse Hotels

Barry Sternlicht, the CEO and Chairman of Starwood Capital Group, a private global investment firm, and the visionary behind Baccarat and 1 Hotels, has once again transformed the hotel experience with his latest venture, Treehouse Hotels.

Considered to be the younger sibling of the 1 Hotels, Treehouse Hotels is all about playfulness, freedom and locally inspired fun amenities, while maintaining a modern sensibility.

With a focus on attentive service, thoughtful programming, and diverse food and beverage options, every detail is viewed through a carefree and optimistic childhood lens. Treehouse London, the first location of the brand, will open in the late fall, followed by several more locations in the United States and globally.

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