Beginner’s Guide to Gacha Club

If you’ve heard of the mobile game Gacha Life, then you’re likely just as familiar with its sequel app – Gacha Club.

This counterpart offers the same premise as the original game but includes new characters, backgrounds, locations, and a few additional features.

The game focuses on RPG in two unique ways, mainly through its character customizations and battle modes. Looking at it that way, it sounds like a lot to work with, and we understand where you’re coming from.

If you’re looking for a guide to help you with the game, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s start with the basics.

Breaking Down the Gacha Club Gameplay

For starters, the main game mode in Gacha Club is the Battle Mode, which usually shocks a lot of users. Like other role-playing games, you can build teams to battle with and level them up as you go.

In Battle Mode, you can choose four options: training mode, tower mode, story mode, and what they call “Shadows of Corruption,” where you can beat different bosses.

After each game, you gain rewards such as coins and gems that you can use on gachas to acquire new units, pets, and the like. You can also receive these rewards through the mini-games and even unlock special mini-game units.

But other than this, they also feature wide-ranged customization, which is what most people probably know. The Gacha Club community is well-known for its creative content, that’s why many users also resort to creating their own gacha club characters and other personalized reasons. 

Customize Your Character

The first step in the game is to create your character. Here, you can choose between different physical characteristics, outfits, accessories, and more.

If you’re not the type to make custom characters, you can pick among the presets available, prepared by both developers and fellow Gacha players.

When creating your character, you can set their profile by giving them a name, birthday, age, occupation, and more. You get around ten main characters, at most, and about 90 extras in total!

Gacha Club Battle Tips and Tricks

Now off to the highlight of the game, the Battle Mode. When your characters are all up and ready, you should start by increasing your XP to level up and gain game currency.

Note that you only get rewarded XP and diamonds when you win. If you lose a battle, there won’t be any rewards.

Here are a couple of tips to help you navigate through Battle Mode and grow your team:

Take Your Time in Story Mode

We know some players prefer free modes over story modes but trust us when we say it does a lot to boost your team!

Even when the game offers many custom characters and allows you to make stories yourself, it has the main storyline too. A large portion of the game’s progress will come from Story Mode, so consider playing through it to gain experience and hone your skills.

Story Mode also helps you slowly warm up to the gameplay and understand it much better.

Always Keep a Balanced Team

Gacha Club lets you use several unique characters in the game, each harboring a different elemental affinity, specialty, and damage dealing.

The elements include fire, water, wind, light, dark, shadow, corruption, and DJ. Good team synergy is essential because these elements have advantages and disadvantages against one another.

Balancing your team gives you an equal advantage and disadvantage if you play the appropriate characters at the right time.

Upgrade Your Characters When You Can

A common mistake among rookies in playing Battle Mode is upgrading their characters all at once. Although it would be great to enhance your team, it takes lots of resources to get it done.

Instead, start by focusing on developing and leveling up the characters you use on your leading team. That way, you get to gather resources quickly while consistently making progress.

You can slowly branch out these upgrades whenever you get extra resources or when you want to switch out your team.

Strengthen Your Team with Extras

Besides your characters, you can also bring along pets in Battle Mode! Adding them improves your defenses and attacks, making your team even more powerful.

Try Out Other Battle Modes

Going on Story Mode is a priority when playing Gacha Club, but there’s also lots to see in the rest of the battle modes.

Through the other game modes, you can gain the enhancement materials and other resources your heroes need and other cool rewards.

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Explore Mini-Games and Other Modes

Next to Battle Mode, Gacha Club offers mini-games as an alternative to earning game currency and increasing your level. The mini-games allow you to join parties, fight bosses, and more!

The reward you receive would be different for every level, meaning you earn more if you play a harder difficulty. You can also keep playing mini-games to improve your skills or gather enough resources before returning to the main battles.

There’s no denying the battle gameplay is enjoyable, but feel free to explore the rest of the fun features Gacha Club offers!

With customization, the game has a Studio Mode, allowing players to create custom scenes with their characters and pets. You can change backgrounds, add speech bubbles and narrators, and so much more to make the perfect story.

Studio Mode doesn’t require any game currency or specific unlocking for you to access it. It’s one of the exceptional features of the game that lets you bring out your creativity as much as you want.

Most creators also use this option when making Gacha mini-movies, music videos, and series. And surely, you can too!

Kicking Off Your Gacha Club Journey

Gacha Club is a one-of-a-kind role-playing game that emphasizes the art of customization while promoting the essence of traditional RPGs. The different game modes it offers make it engaging and add to the overall fun.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re into typical RPG styles or would love to try out the broad character creation, this game is worth the shot!

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