Benefits Of Locally Produced Fresh Meat

Local food is defined as food that is produced or grown close to where we live. Local food can be any type of food, from fruit, vegetables, dairy, and eggs, to meat, and is always fresher and better than the food in the supermarkets. The majority of people nowadays buy their meat at the nearest grocery stores or supermarkets, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, if you have a local meat market or a butcher in your city, you should consider buying your meat there. Local, sustainably raised meat tastes better and contains many more nutrients and vitamins, which means that it’s better for your health, budget, but it’s also better for the environment.

Benefits Of Locally Produced Fresh Meat

Whether it’s beef, chicken, or pork, locally produced meat is often hormone and preservative free, and this is the biggest reason why so many people choose to purchase their meat from local meat markets or meat producers. Keep reading to find out what are the most important benefits of purchasing locally produced meat.

It’s Tastier And Healthier

Many people want to know where their meat comes from and how it was raised. Locally produced meat is always fresh, safer, and healthier because it’s often free from any kind of preservatives, chemicals, antibiotics, and added hormones. Local meat is much more delicious and nutritious than its industrial farm counterparts and has a less fat content and more vitamins and antioxidants, which has a positive effect on your health.

Therefore, get to know your local meat producers and butcher shops and learn more about their practices, so that you can be sure that you’re purchasing and eating fresh and safe meat.

Benefits Of Locally Produced Fresh Meat

It’s Budget-Friendly

Whenever you purchase local meat, you will also save money because you won’t have to pay shipping costs. The meat that you’re buying from your local meat stores and producers doesn’t come from other countries, like the meat products we see in our supermarkets. Local food has very little distance to travel, which means that by choosing local meat you will cut costs and also reduce your carbon footprint. Also, local meat has less opportunity to spoil, so you can be sure that the meat you’re buying is always fresh.

It Helps The Environment

As we mentioned above, local meat doesn’t need to stay in any storage rooms or refrigerators and travel far in order to reach your plates. As a result, it reduces energy consumption and the carbon footprint. By buying local meat produce you will reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, which means that you’re not only eating healthier and safer meat, but at the same time, you’re also helping the environment.

Benefits Of Locally Produced Fresh Meat

Connects You To Your Community

Buying directly from local meat producers supports your community and economy. These days, we’re all used to buying our groceries at supermarkets, forgetting about our local farms and producers. But, choosing to spend your money on local meat products will ensure that the money stays in your community. Furthermore, meat markets and farms provide a place for people to meet each other and foster community spirit, which is a great reason to buy locally. 

Supports Local Farmers

By buying from the local meat stores and producers, you’re boosting the businesses of your local farmers and helping them grow their profits. This, of course, helps farmers to expand their business and invest in more equipment and improve their processes in order to deliver better fresh meat to their local consumers. Supporting local farmers also creates more job opportunities, which is another really important reason to consume local products.

You Can Find Cuts Of Meat You Won’t See Elsewhere

Benefits Of Locally Produced Fresh Meat

Local meat stores and markets tend to have some unique cuts of meat you won’t find in other butcher shops or supermarkets. For instance, at The Meat Emporium you can buy pork loin racks with crackling, standing Black Angus beef rib roast, and other cuts of meat that grocery stores don’t keep in stock. So, if you have a local meat market or a butchery in your city, make sure to check them out—they can be a great place to find some specific cuts, ask questions about the meat, and keep the money in your local community.

Also, nowadays, most of the local butcher shops also offer home delivery services, so they can deliver fresh meat straight to the door of your home at any time of the day.

You Can Ask Questions About The Meat

The local farmers or the people who work at the meat store know a lot about their meat and are often very passionate about preparing it. Therefore, when you’re buying locally produced meat, you can ask more questions about the meat, like where and how the animal was raised.

Benefits Of Locally Produced Fresh Meat

It has been proven that free-range and grass-fed animals have meat with higher nutritional benefits and lower saturated fat since they’re usually fed a diet suited to their bodies and they develop healthy and strong muscles without any artificial growth hormones. If you shop locally, you can also ask the butcher for cooking advice or ask questions about meat storage.

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