Bentley Motors Launches Environmental Foundation

Bentley Motors, a renowned luxury car manufacturer, has taken a significant step towards its commitment to sustainability by introducing the Bentley Environmental Foundation.

This foundation aims to support various initiatives that promote environmental well-being. By partnering with organizations such as Project Drawdown, The Biomimicry Institute, and Sustainable Surf, Bentley Motors strives to make a positive impact on the environment. The Foundation welcomes donations from individuals, regardless of their size, as these contributions will amplify the effects of the partnered projects.

Through thorough research and analysis of existing initiatives, Bentley has devised an innovative approach to grant-making in the environmental sector. The company has created its Environmental Foundation to develop cutting-edge solutions for environmental challenges, surpassing the concept of carbon neutrality and focusing on rejuvenation and regeneration. The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has provided strategic guidance in the establishment of the Foundation.

In line with its commitment, Bentley Motors has directly contributed £3 million this year to support the Foundation’s endeavours. This initial contribution is only the beginning of Bentley’s collaboration with carefully selected charities and non-profit organizations that share the vision of creating lasting and effective environmental change. The Foundation follows a three-pronged approach, which includes accelerating decarbonization, supporting environmental change-makers, and reimagining sustainable luxury.

Bentley sought the guidance of the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) to establish the Bentley Environmental Foundation. CAF, a reputable not-for-profit organization with almost a century of expertise in philanthropy, has partnered with Bentley to ensure that the Foundation’s investments achieve maximum impact. CAF offers advice on the structure, governance, reporting, and selection of charity partners.

The Bentley Environmental Foundation employs a Funding Plus model, leveraging the company’s extensive reach and reputation to promote environmental innovation that might otherwise be overlooked. By harnessing new technologies, the Foundation aims to combat climate change rapidly and effectively. Transparency is a fundamental principle for the Foundation, and it encourages public involvement while focusing on delivering measurable impacts. From 13th June onwards, both the general public and Bentley employees can make donations by visiting

The Foundation has confirmed three launch partners:

Project Drawdown

Project Drawdown is recognized as the leading resource for climate solutions globally. This organization has identified significant disparities between the current funding for climate-related initiatives and the science-based solutions required to tackle climate change effectively.

Bentley Motors Launches Environmental Foundation

In response, Project Drawdown is establishing the Drawdown Labs Capital Accelerator, a groundbreaking initiative that enables philanthropists and investors to consolidate their impact. Through an open-source plan, this accelerator allows participants to learn from leading scientists and engineers, with the goal of influencing up to $100 billion in capital flows towards climate solutions by 2025.

The Biomimicry Institute

The Bentley-supported “Ray of Hope Fellowship” is designed to empower and amplify changemakers who are pioneering a future inspired by nature. The Fellowship aims to assist innovators in scaling their solutions despite facing competition from established businesses engaged in extractive practices.

Bentley Motors Launches Environmental Foundation

By providing programmatic support and creating valuable content, the Fellowship seeks to expedite the process and increase the adoption of nature-inspired solutions. Each year, the project intends to support around 30 changemakers or 10 startups, with over 30% of past participants being women-led.

Sustainable Surf: Restoring Blue Carbon Ecosystems (Ocean Regeneration)

Sustainable Surf, a non-profit organization based in California, employs the power of surfing to revive the health of our ocean planet and combat climate change. Due to the impact of climate change and human activities, ecosystems such as mangrove trees, seagrass meadows, and kelp forests have suffered a significant decline.

Funding from the Bentley Environmental Foundation will contribute to Sustainable Surf’s SeaTrees program, which focuses on expanding restoration projects. Currently operational in Kenya, where over a million mangrove trees have been planted, the program aims to introduce seagrass and kelp projects to Portugal and Spain. Through partnerships with local restoration organizations, the project will support the planting and preservation of mangrove trees, seagrass meadows, and kelp forests.

Bentley Motors Launches Environmental Foundation

The unveiling of the Bentley Environmental Foundation coincides with the introduction of the Bentley Sustainability Council. This council comprises global experts who challenge and support Bentley Motors in achieving sustainability excellence, as outlined in its Beyond100 strategy. Additionally, Bentley has released its first-ever Sustainability Report, further emphasizing its dedication to environmental responsibility.

In summary, Bentley Motors has taken a significant stride towards sustainability through the launch of the Bentley Environmental Foundation. By partnering with renowned organizations and employing a distinct grant-making approach, Bentley aims to pioneer next-generation environmental solutions, surpassing carbon neutrality. With the support of the Charities Aid Foundation, the Foundation aims to achieve maximum impact through its Funding Plus model.

The public, as well as Bentley employees, can contribute to these initiatives through donations. The Bentley Environmental Foundation’s launch partners, including Project Drawdown, The Biomimicry Institute, and Sustainable Surf, showcase its commitment to creating lasting environmental change. As Bentley continues to prioritize sustainability, the Bentley Environmental Foundation’s establishment is aligned with its long-term vision and strategic goals.