Bentley Fragrances: Magnetic Amber Unleashed

Bentley Fragrances invites fragrance enthusiasts on an immersive olfactory journey with the latest addition to the Bentley BEYOND The Collection: Magnetic Amber.

This warm, ambery woody fragrance is designed for individuals with a penchant for exclusive scents, embracing inclusivity and sophistication.

Exploring Extraordinary Landscapes: Bentley BEYOND The Collection

In a celebration of Bentley’s extraordinary heritage, the BEYOND The Collection fragrances delve into remarkable landscapes and a myriad of captivating colours. Each scent transforms every adventure into an olfactory emotion, allowing wearers to embark on a sensorial journey like no other.

Crafted by Master Perfumers: A Symphony of Luxury Ingredients

Bentley Fragrances: Magnetic Amber Unleashed

Bentley BEYOND The Collection is a luxurious wardrobe of scents meticulously crafted by master perfumers. These fragrances combine exceptional ingredients with inspirations drawn from exotic destinations. Satisfying the refined tastes of trailblazers, this collection exemplifies meticulous craftsmanship, the use of high-quality materials, and an unwavering commitment to originality. For discerning customers, the fragrance becomes a personal statement and an adventure in itself.

Introducing Magnetic Amber: An Olfactory Voyage to Panama

Magnetic Amber, created by the renowned Grasse-born Master Perfumer Karine Dubreuil-Sereni, transports us on an olfactory voyage to the captivating landscapes of Panama. Inspired by the treasure of exotic Panama, namely white amber, this fragrance captures the essence of fascinating contrasts.

Dubreuil-Sereni describes her creation for Bentley as a reflection of luxury, refinement, and elegance, carefully curated using the finest raw materials. The fragrance opens with the radiant brightness of Italian bergamot, intertwined with the aromatic allure of Moroccan rosemary and a zesty burst of cardamom—an intriguing spice that possesses both cool and warm facets. The addition of mysterious and resinous olibanum infuses the composition with citrusy, warm, and softly woody notes.

As the fragrance unfolds, the heart reveals its seductive warmth, courtesy of two natural gems native to South America: smoky vanilla sourced from Madagascar and tonka bean with its almond and tobacco undertones. These delectable gourmand scents harmonize flawlessly with the smooth white amber, derived from Ambroxan—a raw material derived from clary sage. This salt-tinged, smooth note conjures images of driftwood, sun-warmed skin, and amber, resulting in an almost addictive perfume. It serves as the key to Magnetic Amber’s unique magnetism.

To further enhance this captivating note, Magnetic Amber intertwines it with the warm resinous scent of labdanum, complemented by elegant cedar from Virginia. This combination creates a rich and potent dry-down that lingers, reminiscent of a gentle breeze caressing the Panamanian night.

A Majestic Flacon: Reflecting the Luxury Codes of Bentley

Drawing inspiration from Bentley Motors’ design studio, the flacon and packaging of Bentley BEYOND The Collection embody the same exacting standards and attention to detail as the marque’s iconic motorcars.

With Magnetic Amber, the collection introduces an eco-friendly and natural material: wood. This sustainable material is incorporated into the design through a wooden ring adorning the bottle’s cap and the plate of the beige coffret, harmoniously echoing the natural elements found within the fragrance.

Bentley Fragrances: Magnetic Amber Unleashed

The majestic faceted flacon pays homage to Bentley’s signature cut-crystal glass headlights adorning the Continental GT. Its substantial weight of 400 grams guarantees stability, thanks to a thick glass base. The legendary “Winged B” logo, engraved on the silver metal shoulders of the flacon, serves as a testament to the brand’s timeless heritage.

The captivating amber hue of the fragrance reflects its soul—an intriguing, delicious, and addictive journey through South America’s best-kept secrets: smoky rums, sweet woods, and delectable petals.

Experience Magnetic Amber from Bentley BEYOND The Collection

Magnetic Amber from Bentley BEYOND The Collection is available in a 100ml bottle, priced at £165. Indulge in this alluring fragrance that encapsulates exclusivity, elegance, and the spirit of adventure, evoking the essence of a truly remarkable olfactory experience.

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