Unleashing Power: Bentley Speed Edition 12 Unveiled

To truly honour the extraordinary W12 engine that has been the powerhouse of Bentley’s performance flagships and the brand as a whole since 2003, the luxury car manufacturer has introduced the exclusive limited-edition Speed Edition 12.

These remarkable models, powered by the highly successful 12-cylinder engine of the modern era, serve as a fitting tribute to an exceptional engineering achievement.

Unique Design Enhancements of the Edition 12 Package

The Edition 12 package, available for the Speed specification models of Bentayga, Flying Spur, Continental GT, and Continental GT Convertible, features a range of distinctive design enhancements.

These exquisite details include Edition 12 badging, a numbered engine plaque, Edition 12 embroidery, colour graduated seat contrast stitching, and a fascia in Grand Black veneer with an intricately etched engine firing sequence, accompanied by an inlaid Edition 12 badge.

Unleashing Power: Bentley Speed Edition 12 Unveiled

Exclusivity: Limited Production of 120 Units Per Model

To ensure the exclusivity and desirability of the Speed Edition 12, Bentley will produce only 120 units of each of the four models.

This limited production run guarantees that the Speed Edition 12 will become a rare and sought-after collector’s item, paying homage to the engine that has been the driving force behind the company’s cars and success for two decades.

The Groundbreaking Bentley W12 Engine

Introduced in 2003, Bentley’s W12 engine marked a new chapter for the company as the powertrain for their first all-new model under Volkswagen Group ownership, the Continental GT.

The unique W-formation of the 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12 enabled it to be 24% shorter than an equivalent V12, without compromising on power, efficiency, or refinement. Over the years, continuous evolution has led to a remarkable 37% increase in power, a 54% increase in torque, and a 25% reduction in emissions.

Unleashing Power: Bentley Speed Edition 12 Unveiled

In the Speed Edition 12 models, the W12 engine now generates up to 659PS (650 bhp) at 5000-6000 rpm, while the legendary Bentley torque reaches a peak of 900Nm at just 1500 rpm and remains constant up to 5000 rpm.

Exterior: Subtle Distinction

The external features of the Speed Edition 12 models exude a refined elegance that captures the attention of those with discerning taste. Among these distinctive details are the silver brake callipers, exclusive to the Speed Edition 12 models.

Unleashing Power: Bentley Speed Edition 12 Unveiled

Additionally, the Continental GT and Convertible models showcase Speed Edition 12 badges on the front fender, while Bentayga and Flying Spur models proudly display Edition 12 badges on the rear quarter, alongside the existing Speed badge. Opening the bonnet reveals a prominently placed numbered Edition 12 plaque on the engine cover.

Further exterior enhancements include the Blackline specification exterior bright ware, 22″ black painted Speed alloy wheels, and self-levelling wheel badges. For those seeking a truly unique appearance, the Speed Edition 12 offers an optional paint colour called Opalite. This light grey-green hue exhibits a subtle copper effect that radiates in bright sunshine, adding a touch of exclusivity to the exterior aesthetics.

Interior: A Masterclass in Craftsmanship

As one would expect from Bentley, the interior of the Edition 12 models is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and individuality. Upon entering the car, drivers and passengers are greeted by Edition 12 welcome lamps and illuminated treadplates, setting the stage for a truly luxurious experience.

Unleashing Power: Bentley Speed Edition 12 Unveiled

All Edition 12 models offer Bentley’s Speed colour splits, where the main colour, Beluga black, can be selected as the sole upholstery colour or complemented by Brunel blue, Cricket ball red, Linen, or Orange. The high-gloss Grand Black veneer adds a touch of sophistication to the interior.

The limited-edition features of the Speed Edition 12 include seats adorned with Mulliner Silver piping and embroidered Edition 12 name style. The upper seat areas showcase a quilted design, accentuated by contrast stitching in a graduated three-colour ‘fade’ from Anthracite through Porpoise to Stratos. The quilted door panels also feature contrast stitching, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Another distinctive element in the interior is the unique organ stop air vents, which proudly display the numeral ’12’ machined from solid on the control face. As an exquisite detail, the Grand Black veneer facia facing the front seat passenger showcases the firing sequence of the W12 engine, beautifully etched alongside an inlaid Speed Edition 12 badge.

Commemorative 15% Scale Model W12 Block

As a final touch, customers who acquire the Speed Edition 12 will receive a meticulously crafted 15% scale model of the Bentley W12 engine block. This commemorative artefact, suitable for display on a desk, cabinet, or shelf, serves as a lasting memento of one of Bentley’s most significant and powerful engines. These scale models are cast using aluminium sourced from a full-size W12 engine block, ensuring an authentic representation of Bentley’s engineering excellence.

Unleashing Power: Bentley Speed Edition 12 Unveiled

In conclusion, the limited-edition Speed Edition 12 models pay tribute to Bentley’s iconic W12 engine, which has been a driving force behind the brand’s performance and success for two decades. With exclusive design enhancements, refined exteriors, and a masterfully crafted interior, these vehicles offer a unique and luxurious driving experience.

Limited to only 120 units per model, the Speed Edition 12 models are destined to become highly sought-after collector’s items. As a special keepsake, customers will receive a 15% scale model of the Bentley W12 engine block, embodying the exceptional craftsmanship and engineering prowess synonymous with the Bentley brand.

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