Powering the Dream: Bentley Motors’ Solar Panel Expansion

Installation has commenced at Bentley Motors’ carbon-neutral ‘dream factory’ in Crewe, as the renowned luxury car manufacturer takes another significant step towards sustainable energy production.

The ongoing efforts to increase the number of on-site solar panels to an impressive 36,418 coincide with the 10th anniversary of the initial installation of solar panels at the Pyms Lane site, where all Bentley models are meticulously crafted. With an expansive coverage spanning an area of 60,911 m2 – equivalent to nine football pitches or 311 tennis courts – these cutting-edge solar panels signify Bentley’s commitment to embracing renewable energy sources.

Enhanced Efficiency and Increased Energy Generation

The newly added state-of-the-art solar panels boast significantly improved efficiency, generating nearly 60 per cent more power per panel compared to the original units, which were installed back in 2013. This technological advancement will contribute an additional two megawatts of energy generation capacity to the Bentley site, resulting in a total capacity of 10 MW.

Powering the Dream: Bentley Motors' Solar Panel Expansion

Based on May 2023 figures, it is estimated that the combined systems, consisting of 36,418 solar panels, will meet up to 75 per cent of Bentley’s daytime electricity demands on average, with the potential to reach peak usage of 100 per cent. This impressive feat of sustainable energy production is equivalent to the energy required to power over 2,370 homes annually. The new solar panels are expected to become operational by November, significantly reducing the equivalent CO2 emissions by an impressive 407,477 tonnes per year.

Expanding the Solar Initiative

The installation of solar panels on ten existing roof structures at the Bentley plant marks the latest phase in the company’s ongoing commitment to harnessing the power of the sun. Back in 2019, Bentley made waves by introducing the UK’s largest solar-powered car port at the Crewe site, a testament to their dedication to sustainable practices.

Notably, all the electricity utilized in the manufacturing process of Bentley cars is derived solely from solar energy or certified green sources. To bring this ambitious solar panel installation project to fruition, Bentley has partnered with 3ti, the UK’s leading solar car park designer, further solidifying their commitment to sustainable energy practices.

The Transition to Carbon Neutrality

Powering the Dream: Bentley Motors' Solar Panel Expansion

Sebastian Benndorf, Director of Production Planning at Bentley Motors, added: 

“The exciting addition of further solar panels at our Crewe headquarters supports Bentley’s ongoing commitment to its Beyond100 strategy, to ensure the highest levels of luxury sustainable mobility. It is part of a vision to transform a 103-year-old luxury car company into a new, sustainable role model for the entire automotive industry.

“Beyond100 is the culmination of two decades of innovation and achievement. The transformation across Bentley’s entire operation and product range is gathering pace as we move towards end-to-end carbon neutrality by 2030.”


Bentley Motors’ carbon-neutral ‘dream factory’ in Crewe is taking momentous strides towards sustainable energy production by expanding its on-site solar panel installation. The addition of 36,418 state-of-the-art solar panels, which generate nearly 60 per cent more power per panel compared to their predecessors, exemplifies Bentley’s dedication to embracing renewable energy sources.

With an estimated capacity to meet up to 75 per cent of the company’s daytime electricity demands, this innovative solar initiative positions Bentley as a leader in the pursuit of sustainability within the automotive industry. As the new panels become operational by November, they will significantly reduce the equivalent CO2 emissions by an impressive 407,477 tonnes per year.

Bentley’s ongoing collaboration with 3ti, the UK’s premier solar car park designer, further demonstrates their commitment to sustainable practices. By prioritizing renewable energy and reducing their environmental footprint, Bentley is setting a remarkable example for the luxury car industry and beyond.

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