Bentley Residences – An Epitome Of Next-Level Development

The Bentley Residences projected located in Miami’s Sunny Isles Beach is poised to become one of Florida’s leading beachfront properties with an expected 2026 completion date.

Creative Minds Behind Bentley Residences

Bentley Residences – An Epitome Of Next-Level Development

Chris Cooke and Brett Boydell, both veteran Bentley designers, spearheaded the design of this residential tower. This creative power duo is a solid guarantee that Bentley Residences will be constructed with the most meticulous attention to even the smallest details, crafting the most deluxe accommodations synonymous with the world-renowned Bentley Motors brand.

Joining forces with Siege Suarez Architects and Dezer Development based in Miami, Bentley Residences marks a multi-layered effort from the premier professionals in the field. Though this new project involves a unique diversity of talents, the final result will still serve as an all-inclusive and consistent representation of the mission statement of Bentley Motors, which is to offer innovative craftsmanship that remains the best in its class.

What To Expect From Bentley Residences?

Cooke, Bentley Product and Lifestyle Design Manager, stated that Bentley Residences receives a similar level of attention to detail they use in their cars.

Bentley Residences – An Epitome Of Next-Level Development

Every space is unique with distinct cues of Bentley design styled harmoniously in every nook and corner. The tower’s harmonious elements are reflected well in the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living, with accommodations allowing both social and private atmospheres.

All residences also feature a striking balcony just beyond the interior glass wall that runs from floor to ceiling. The balcony is further elevated with a personal swimming pool where residents can take in the best ocean views you can only find in Miami.

Once you step inside the residences, you will be welcomed by an expansive open living area featuring handmade Italian furniture and a gourmet kitchen that mimics the unrivaled comfort and finishes of all vehicles by Bentley Motors.

The communal spaces of the tower will also be crafted with the same level of deftness. A whiskey bar, cinema, a private restaurant, and a cigar lounge are only some of the shared amenities that will make your everyday stay in Bentley Residences feel like an exclusive vacation.

Visit The Sales Gallery To Get A Glimpse Of Bentley Residences

Bentley Residences – An Epitome Of Next-Level Development

With the recently opened sales gallery that offers a glimpse into the much-anticipated Bentley Residences, potential buyers can enjoy the perfect opportunity to witness the project’s spirit – the perfect combination of a careful selection of quality materials and masterful design in all nooks and corners of the tower.

The brand Bentley Motors made sure that most of the tower is constructed using locally sourced materials as much as possible, a significant decision rooted in sustainability and quality. Most of the tower also features natural materials such as wood, glass, and leather, an amazing combination that embodies the primary elements evident in every vehicle from Bentley Motors.

Boydell added that the approach to all elements used in Bentley Residences is what gives the feeling of inspiring and harmonious design. It is seen in everything starting from the colors to the materials, and down to the richness of every execution, all of which are synonymous with those found in Bentley Motors’s cars.

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