Bentley Residences Miami’s Dezervator Car Lift

Situated in the vibrant locale of Sunny Isles Beach, Miami, the Bentley Residences are poised to redefine the paradigms of luxury living with their completion slated for 2026.

This illustrious development is introducing a groundbreaking feature in the realm of residential design: the ‘Dezervator’, a bespoke vehicle lift system that enables residents to ascend directly to their apartments in the comfort of their cars.

Named to honour the collaboration between Bentley and Dezer Development, this innovative lift system epitomizes the seamless blend of opulence and convenience, offering residents an unparalleled transition from the bustling streets to the tranquillity of their homes.

Bentley Residences Miami's Dezervator Car Lift

Beyond the revolutionary Dezervator, the Bentley Residences encapsulate the essence of luxury living with in-unit garages capable of accommodating up to four vehicles per apartment, complete with provisions for electric vehicle (EV) charging points.

This hallmark of Bentley Residences ownership ensures that residents not only bask in the convenience of direct home access but also relish the luxury of private, secure parking spaces tailored to their esteemed car collections, underscoring the development’s commitment to catering to the sophisticated needs of its inhabitants.

In 2021, Bentley Motors, in collaboration with Dezer Development, unveiled plans for this pioneering Bentley-branded residence project.

Soaring to 61 storeys, the edifice is designed to offer mesmerizing bay and ocean vistas from each exquisitely crafted apartment, setting a new standard for architectural excellence.

Bentley Residences Miami's Dezervator Car Lift

The unveiling of the Sales Gallery in 2022, strategically situated near the future Bentley Residences site, provides prospective buyers with a tangible insight into this architectural marvel, offering a foretaste of the luxury and innovation that are the hallmarks of the project.

The Dezervator stands as a testament to engineering ingenuity, featuring four state-of-the-art lifts equipped with a sophisticated hydraulic system that delicately secures vehicles by their tyres, facilitating their transport via a robotic shuttle system to the designated floor.

The journey up in the Dezervator, with the lower segments of the elevator shaft encased in glass, affords residents a captivating panoramic view of the building’s communal areas, adding an element of spectacle to the ascent to their private garages.

These bespoke garages, designed to house three or four vehicles within each apartment, are augmented with the luxury of EV charging facilities, ensuring that residents’ vehicles are primed for use at any moment.

Bentley Residences Miami's Dezervator Car Lift

The integration of cutting-edge RFID technology further streamlines the resident experience, with vehicles automatically recognized upon entry, seamlessly guiding them to the appropriate Dezervator and directly to their dwelling, all without the necessity of exiting their vehicle.

Moreover, the Bentley Residences offer an immersive virtual reality tour, enabling global prospective residents to delve into the building’s communal spaces and opulent apartments.

Crafted using Unreal Engine, this advanced real-time 3D creation platform delivers an authentic representation of the building, accommodating both pedestrian arrivals and those by car.

In addition to the residential conveniences, the Bentley Residences accommodate visitors with comprehensive parking facilities, inclusive of fast-charging stations for EVs and plug-in hybrids.

The entire structure boasts wireless connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted internet access throughout, including within the Dezervators.

The virtual reality tour not only highlights the Dezervator and in-unit garages but also provides a sneak peek into the building’s layout, featuring apartments with balcony swimming pools, a cinema, games room, wellness centre, spa, whisky bar, cigar lounge, restaurant, and the meticulously designed lobby.

This virtual exploration is crafted to captivate prospective residents, showcasing the unparalleled luxury lifestyle that awaits them at the Bentley Residences.

For those desiring a tangible experience, the Sales Gallery in Sunny Isles Beach, Miami, extends a warm welcome to visitors eager to explore the future of luxury living.

The Bentley Residences team offers guided tours of the model unit, a sprawling 6,000 sqft space adorned by Bentley Home, illustrating the exquisite interior decorating possibilities available.

This hands-on experience provides a glimpse into the new echelons of luxury lifestyle that Bentley Motors is introducing to its distinguished clientele.

Bentley Residences Miami's Dezervator Car Lift

With starting prices at $4.2m USD, the Bentley Residences extend beyond mere luxury apartments; they offer an unparalleled lifestyle marked by sophistication, innovation, and unparalleled luxury, establishing a new benchmark for residential living in Miami and beyond.

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