Celebrating Diversity with Bentley’s ‘Belonging Bentayga’

In a significant stride towards becoming the world’s most diverse luxury car manufacturer, Bentley Motors recently unveiled its latest masterpiece, the ‘Belonging Bentayga.’

This Alpine Green Bentayga Hybrid, adorned with intricate hand-painted designs, showcases iconic skylines and renowned landmarks from across the globe, including New York, London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Venice, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

Each side of the car represents a different continent, making it a true symbol of global unity.

The awe-inspiring artwork, featuring 29 distinct landmarks, is the creation of Stephen Wiltshire MBE, a British architectural artist and autistic savant renowned for his extraordinary ability to recreate landscapes from memory after a single viewing.

Celebrating Diversity with Bentley's 'Belonging Bentayga'

A Bentley First: Hand-Painted Excellence

For the first time in Bentley’s history, this remarkable automotive canvas has been hand-painted at the factory in Crewe, employing a unique process developed by the Bentley Excellence Centre Bespoke Paint team.

The design of the ‘Belonging Bentayga’ extends beyond architectural landmarks. It also incorporates intricate drawings representing people from various nationalities, all united within a single, harmonious design. This visionary creation is Bentley’s third art piece, underscoring the company’s steadfast commitment to diversity.

Wayne Bruce, Chief Communications and D&I Officer at Bentley expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration: “We’re delighted that Stephen has agreed to collaborate with us to create the ‘Belonging Bentayga.’ This remarkable car celebrates Bentley’s craftsmanship and Stephen’s unique artistic genius. It’s also a key element in our Beyond100 strategy, which includes our industry-leading, five-step diversity and inclusion plan.”

Celebrating Diversity with Bentley's 'Belonging Bentayga'

He added, “We’re very proud to say that Bentley’s workforce comprises individuals from 52 different nationalities, and our diverse team handcrafts and sells our luxury cars in 67 countries across the globe.

The message conveyed by the unique and striking imagery of the ‘Belonging Bentayga’ is clear: no matter where you are, you belong. Our culture of supporting everyone to reach their highest potential aligns perfectly with Stephen’s ethos of giving your best and never giving up.”

Bentley’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Stephen Wiltshire, reflecting on the project, commented, “Buildings have a way of telling a story, from where you were born to your first job and your wedding day—happy memories make happy people. Throughout my career, I’ve embarked on numerous journeys, and what stands out most to me are the buildings, their architecture, and the people.

I believe that Bentley and the ‘Belonging Bentayga’ share a similar purpose: bringing people together, creating journeys, and crafting memories. My art has always been about existing and connecting.

The ‘Belonging Bentayga’ was a great challenge for me, but I embrace challenges as they test my abilities. It proves that with dedication, you can overcome anything. I am immensely proud of the finished car, which, in my humble opinion, looks astounding.”

Celebrating Diversity with Bentley's 'Belonging Bentayga'

Born in London to West Indian parents, Stephen Wiltshire had a unique childhood. Initially diagnosed with autism at the age of three and unable to speak, he found his voice through drawing. Starting with animals, he gradually progressed to buses and eventually, buildings. His meticulously detailed cityscapes, imbued with subtle wit, have garnered acclaim from around the world.

In 2021, Bentley Motors initiated a five-step strategy, focusing on outreach, recruitment, succession planning, culture, and development, to enhance diversity and inclusion at its Crewe-based manufacturing facility.

To mark the launch of this strategy, Bentley’s design team embarked on the mission to create artwork that celebrates diversity in all its forms. The result was the ‘Unifying Spur,’ conceived by Bentley designer Rich Morris, who is also a talented painter and sculptor.

This automotive work of art, inspired by the nine colours of the Progress Flag, elegantly connects the phrase “Love is Love” through a single, continuous line. It weaves together faces, dancing figures, and abstract shapes, symbolising the unifying power of humanity, transcending boundaries of race, creed, or sexuality.

Celebrating Diversity with Bentley's 'Belonging Bentayga'

A Rainbow of Hope

Bentley’s commitment to diversity is not limited to its designs. In July 2020, they launched the rainbow-inspired Continental GT V8 Convertible. This stunning vehicle commemorated three key themes for Bentley: pride in the diversity of its colleagues both in Crewe and worldwide, as well as hope and gratitude as the company emerged from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis.

In conclusion, Bentley’s ‘Belonging Bentayga’ is more than just a luxury car; it’s a testament to the power of diversity and unity. With Stephen Wiltshire’s extraordinary artistic vision and Bentley’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity, this remarkable vehicle stands as a symbol of belonging and connection in a world that celebrates differences.

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