Bentley’s New Olive Tan Leather: A Green Revolution in Luxury

In a bold move towards sustainable luxury mobility, Bentley Motors recently unveiled a revolutionary addition to its line-up – the world’s first fully organic Olive Tan Leather option.

Renowned globally for its timeless elegance, durability, and unparalleled quality, Bentley is pushing the boundaries of sustainability through this innovative initiative. This remarkable development marks a significant stride in Bentley’s ambitious Beyond100 journey, aiming to establish itself as a pioneer in eco-conscious luxury.

Sustainable Luxury Redefined

Bentley’s commitment to sustainable materials is unwavering, and the introduction of Olive Tan Leather is a testament to this dedication. This ground-breaking leather owes its distinctive appeal to an eco-friendly tanning process that utilises an organic by-product of the olive oil industry. Extracted from residual water produced during olive pressing, this tanning agent is devoid of harmful metals, minerals, and aldehydes. Notably, this technique consumes less water than conventional methods and boasts a higher concentration of renewable chemicals, underscoring its eco-conscious virtues.

Bentley's New Olive Tan Leather: A Green Revolution in Luxury

The Art of Transformation

The resultant organic leather is a revelation – remarkably soft and befitting the world’s most coveted luxury automobile brand. Bentley Motors sets itself apart by being the first automotive manufacturer to adopt the pioneering Olive Mill Wastewater (OMW) technology from the esteemed leather tannery, Pasubio SpA. This avant-garde approach reaffirms Bentley’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, propelling the brand into uncharted realms of luxury.

Olive Tan Leather is a remarkable milestone in Bentley’s overarching sustainable leather strategy. Building on its heritage of utilising leather hides sourced as by-products of the meat industry, Bentley continues to raise the bar of sustainability. Globally, leather production recycles approximately 270 million hides annually, a striking contribution to waste reduction. This environmentally conscious practice transforms a co-product of the meat industry into a splendid and enduring material, further solidifying leather manufacturing as a responsible and regulated form of recycling.

A Glimpse of the Future

The world will witness the inaugural display of Olive Tan Leather in a new Bentley model gracing the prestigious Monterey Car Week event in California on 18 August. This unveiling marks a significant turning point, and Bentley’s foresight is already evident in its plans to offer sustainable, OMW-derived leather across its product range. This progressive leap underscores Bentley’s commitment to redefining luxury while embracing sustainability.

Bentley’s ascent to sustainable mobility leadership is accentuated by its membership in the Leather Working Group (LWG) – a pioneering industry body setting the benchmark for sustainable leather manufacturing. This strategic partnership seamlessly aligns with Bentley’s groundbreaking Beyond100 strategy, strategically positioning the brand on the forefront of sustainable mobility.

Bentley's New Olive Tan Leather: A Green Revolution in Luxury

Marc Stang, the Technical Expert Leather at Bentley Motors, reinforces the pivotal role of leather in Bentley’s interior aesthetics and signature allure. He said: “Leather is an integral component of our car interiors and a prime element in creating Bentley’s signature finish. It is also hard-wearing – especially important as 84 per cent of all Bentley cars built are still on UK’s roads.”

“We use eight to 12 hides per car, all of which are sourced in the European Union. Bentley also avoids using hides linked to deforestation, reflecting the work within our supply chain to encourage greener processes. We remain committed to more sustainable leather sourcing, as well as working on other initiatives to improve our leather supply chain.”


Bentley Motors’ introduction of the pioneering Olive Tan Leather is a defining moment in the world of sustainable luxury. This innovative leap underscores Bentley’s unwavering commitment to redefining luxury mobility, creating an indelible mark on the automotive landscape. As the first to harness the potential of Olive Mill Wastewater technology and a trailblazer in sustainable leather sourcing, Bentley Motors sets a new standard for luxury with a conscience. The future of opulence is intricately interwoven with environmental responsibility, and Bentley leads the way with elegance, innovation, and a resolute dedication to a sustainable tomorrow.

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