The Best Creative Hobbies for Foster Children

Creative hobbies are a great way for foster children to express themselves, learn new skills, and simply have fun. With so many options to choose from, finding the right creative hobby for your child can be a challenge. Here are some of the best creative hobbies to get foster children started.

Arts and Crafts

The Best Creative Hobbies for Foster Children

Arts and crafts are an ever-popular creative hobby for foster children of all ages. They allow kids to experiment with different art materials and techniques to make something unique.

Some great starter crafts include painting, drawing, sculpting with clay or playdough, paper crafts like origami or card making, jewellery making, and textile crafts like sewing, knitting or weaving. Let them lead the way in choosing projects they are most interested in.

Having a range of art supplies readily available for them to tinker with encourages creativity. You can use some of your fostering allowance to help cover the cost of materials.

Music and Dance

Exploring music and dance appeals to so many children. Learning a musical instrument teaches persistence, coordination and expression. Young foster children may start with basic percussion instruments before moving onto piano, guitar or violin lessons later on.

Dance lessons like ballet, jazz, tap or hip-hop give children an outlet to move to music creatively. Putting together dance routines to favourite songs is another fun music-related hobby. Exposing foster children to different music genres widens their creative horizons too.

Drama and Performance

The Best Creative Hobbies for Foster Children

Kids who love to perform and entertain will thrive with drama activities. Joining a youth theatre group provides instruction in acting techniques, working collaboratively and performing for audiences.

If classes aren’t an option, set up a drama corner at home with costumes, props and puppets for them to put on shows for the family.

Making their own plays and films develops creative writing and storytelling skills too. Any opportunity for foster children to use their imagination and take on character roles helps build confidence.

Cooking and Baking

The kitchen is an ideal creative space for budding chefs. Cooking teaches valuable life skills but lets foster children experiment with ingredients and recipes to make edible art.

Baking is a particularly fun hobby – who doesn’t love decorating cupcakes? Engage their interest by starting simple: cookies, no-bake desserts, smoothies and sandwiches. Then build up to following recipes together for bigger cooking projects.

Allow them to pick recipes that appeal to their tastes and interests. Supervising safety is key, but giving foster children the freedom to follow their culinary creativity and develop kitchen skills sets them up for a lifetime.

Digital Arts and Media

The Best Creative Hobbies for Foster Children

Artistic hobbies using technology appeal to technologically-savvy kids. Digital drawing and painting apps on tablets or computers allow endless creative options for image making and editing.

Making digital films, animation and music videos is an engaging hobby – mobile phones make movie-making incredibly accessible. Website and app design teaches coding skills while allowing creative flair.

Blogging and social media sites encourage self-expression through writing and photography. Technical creative pursuits also build valuable digital literacy for the future.

The most important factor in nurturing foster children’s creativity is being open to their individual interests. Offer guidance and supervision, but allow them to take the lead in what types of creative hobbies excite them. Having the freedom to experiment, follow passions and make mistakes is key to developing their natural creativity.

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