Black Tie Wedding Attire

Weddings are a glorious occasion. Celebrating love is always a touching experience and being invited to join in on a couple’s big romantic day is an honor. As you celebrate the happy couple, you want to find a dress that encompasses your personal style and is comfortable for the season and a night of dancing. Reformation’s black tie dresses serve up stunning looks that will leave you dazzling. Read on for some tips on how to dress for your next black tie wedding at your one-stop shop for wedding attire.

Go Bold in Color

If you love bold colors, Reformation has the dresses for you. Whether you enjoy bright pinks or yellows or prefer jewel tones of navy and emerald, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. If you want to make a bold color statement, the Amani Dress in Hot Day is an excellent option. Orange isn’t a color you find often in a black tie dress but it’s suitable for popular wedding seasons like summer and autumn and still wears well in winter and spring.

Black Tie Wedding Attire
Amani Dress

Black Tie Dresses for Multiple Occasions

Do you have about a dozen weddings on the calendar and would love to simplify things with a few dresses you can switch out for each event? Don’t worry, Reformation has you covered with plenty of selections that are suitable for any season, theme, or venue. 

Black tie dresses that feature a slit in the skirt are a great option that works well no matter what season. The length of the full skirt gives you the coverage for cool nights while the slit is perfect for warm weather events where you might need some ventilation. The Ingrid Dress from Reformation is the perfect option for you, with a wide selection of colors that fit well for every season. Plus, the straps are removable so you can change it up for each event and the dress looks just a touch different.

Black Tie Wedding Attire
Ingrid Dress

All About Florals

Florals will always be in style and they make a great pattern for wedding black tie dresses. Floral patterns are romantic and while they’re great options for spring and summer, they look gorgeous in every season. Reformation has tons of floral options from simple designs to heavy prints and colors. The Kastoria Dress in the Lucca floral print is a perfect mix of understated – thanks to the simple blend of colors – and bold for its large-size print.

Black Tie Wedding Attire
Kastoria Dress

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Little Black Dress

A little black dress is always going to be a staple for wedding attire. It looks chic, is completely versatile, can be worn multiple times, and never goes out of style. Reformation has tons of options when it comes to black dresses. The Chania Silk Dress is the most popular black dress at Reformation. It’s stunning and has lace detailing that adds the right amount of fancy. You’ll be fielding compliments left and right in this gown.

Black Tie Wedding Attire
Chania Silk Dress

For the Black and White Themed Wedding

Black-and-white-themed weddings can be a tricky theme to embody. Traditionally, it’s bad form to attend a wedding wearing white, since that’s the shade the bride will wear more often than not. If you don’t know the bride well, play it safe with a black dress.

If you do know the bride and know she would feel comfortable with her guests wearing white, opt for a less traditional type of white black tie dress so you don’t look too bridal. Jumpsuits, two-pieces, or a white dress with a black pattern are your best options. Reformation’s Abby Two Piece is a stunning selection that comes in both white and black and is a bit outside the traditional black tie dress.

Black Tie Wedding Attire
Abby Two Piece

For the Non-Traditional Wedding

Are you attending a wedding for a couple who are the least traditional people you’ve ever met? The event might be a black tie wedding but that doesn’t mean you have to opt for traditional black tie dresses. Go with a two-piece set, jumpsuit, or extra bold pattern to match the vibe of the couple.

The Daylily set from Reformation is a bold choice with a fitted blazer and trouser-style shorts that looks incredibly stunning. This particular set comes with ivory, so if you know the couple might not be that untraditional, opt for something in color. 

Black Tie Wedding Attire
Daylily Set


The possibilities are endless with black tie dresses from Reformation. No matter what your personal style is, you’ll find plenty of options – whether you opt for a dress or another stunning black tie outfit – that you’ll feel confident in and know you look amazing wearing. 

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