Bugatti And Asprey’s New Egg Collection Unveiled

Asprey and Bugatti have joined forces once again to bring a limited-edition collection of precious metal objet eggs to the world.

Designed by the renowned Asprey Studio, the Royale Edition of the Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection is a tribute to the timeless creations of the Bugatti family, blended with Asprey’s heritage and craftsmanship.

Inspiration Behind the Collection

Carlo Bugatti, the father of Ettore Bugatti, once said, “The purest perfect shape of nature is the egg.” These words ignited a partnership between Asprey and Bugatti that commenced in early 2022.

The collaboration has allowed these luxury brands to work in both the physical and digital realms. The limited-edition collection is backed by blockchain, and created by utilizing Asprey Studio’s cutting-edge production techniques and materials.

It is the first-ever collection by two luxury brands using a state-of-the-art technique of inscribing digital content on the Bitcoin blockchain, ensuring the artwork will last indefinitely.

Design Details

The eggshell of the Royale Edition is made from carbon fibre and intricately crafted into the perfect egg shape during a long and complex process.

Bugatti And Asprey's New Egg Collection Unveiled

It is encased within a sterling silver diamond weave lattice, gently angled downwards to a curved base portraying movement. The surface of the egg itself displays a “Dancing Elephant” motif, recreated in perfect detail from one of Rembrandt Bugatti’s original sculptures.

The intricate lattice and carbon fibre shell open with a complex hinged diamond door to reveal a scene of the Chateau Saint Jean – the iconic home of Bugatti in Molsheim – in front of which is a sterling silver stylized Bugatti Type 41 Royale Esders, removable should the owner wish.

The Royale Edition of the Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection not only echoes Carlo’s musings but also Bugatti’s distinctive horseshoe grille, which was designed by Ettore in honour of his father’s love of flowing curved shapes, like the egg.

The Launch and Availability

Asprey Studio and Bugatti are proud to present the Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection. This collection pushes the boundaries on a production level, and the generative art, coded by a strategic partner and Bitcoin expert Metagood, using the equation of the egg shape of the actual sculpture as an NFT in Bitcoin is a new form of expression and art itself. The NFT and the sculpture are linked by this equation.

The collection will coincide with the opening of the Asprey Studio Gallery in Mayfair in April 2023. To order or inquire, please visit


Bugatti And Asprey's New Egg Collection Unveiled

The Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection is an exceptional addition to the world of luxury collectables. It combines the creativity and craftsmanship of two of the most celebrated brands in the industry to bring collectors a unique and highly coveted objet d’art.

The Royale Edition of the collection pays homage to Bugatti’s history, and Ettore’s vision, while incorporating the innovative techniques and materials of Asprey Studio.

The limited-edition collection is an excellent representation of the brand’s enduring appeal and commitment to quality, creativity, and innovation.

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