Bugatti Bolide: Blending Motorsport Heritage and Innovation

Bugatti’s illustrious history in motorsport, spanning over a century, traces its roots back to the iconic Type 13, which secured the marque’s first triumph at the Grand Prix de la Sarthe in 1920.

This legacy was further solidified with the introduction of the remarkable Type 35 four years later, a car that notched up over 2,000 victories and podium finishes during its distinguished competition career.

Engineering Excellence and Motorsport Legacy

The Bolide embodies Bugatti’s vision for the ultimate track-only hyper sports car, blending unrivalled motorsport heritage with state-of-the-art technology and engineering excellence. To seamlessly accommodate the legendary 8.0-litre W16 turbocharged engine, Bugatti engineers developed an advanced monocoque constructed from the highest-quality carbon fibre composites—materials typically reserved for Formula 1 and Le Mans race cars.

Bugatti Bolide: Blending Motorsport Heritage and Innovation

The Bolide’s new monocoque design mimics the sleek proportions of a catamaran, ensuring perfect balance for both driver and passenger. This arrangement also allowed the peerless W16 powertrain to be positioned 60mm further forward than its counterpart in the Chiron, optimizing track-focused packaging. This shift in engine placement facilitates seamless integration within the monocoque structure, making it even stronger and stiffer than the Chiron, meeting the rigorous safety standards of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) for LMH and LMDh regulations in Le Mans race cars.

Uncompromising Safety

The Bolide’s commitment to safety, a defining characteristic of this hyper sports car, is evident in its ability to withstand the most demanding FIA tests. For instance, a 7.5-ton load applied to the A-pillar must exhibit a maximum deflection of no more than 50mm, with no structural failure permitted within 100mm of the impact point. Impressively, the Bolide surpassed these requirements, showing no cracks during testing, a testament to its structural integrity and advanced materials.

Bugatti Bolide: Blending Motorsport Heritage and Innovation

Bugatti subjected the Bolide to a battery of rigorous tests, scrutinizing every component and subsystem. One notable enhancement is the automatic, military-grade fire extinguisher system, a substantial safety upgrade compared to conventional race car extinguishers. Additionally, the car’s dihedral doors, designed to GT3 regulations, utilize 3D-printed aluminium brackets, providing structural strength while minimizing weight.

Driver Safety and Comfort

Inside the Bolide, both driver and co-driver are secured with FIA-approved six-point harness systems, ensuring they remain firmly in place during intense racing conditions. The seats, engineered to LMH regulations, prioritize safety while offering optimal comfort for a fatigue-free driving experience. The Bolide’s cockpit is also compatible with the ‘HANS® Head And Neck Support‘ system, a proven safety feature in motorsport.

Bugatti Bolide: Blending Motorsport Heritage and Innovation

The Bolide is equipped with cutting-edge active safety technologies, including traction control, electronic stability control, and an anti-lock braking system, ensuring stability and readiness under various weather conditions. A high-performance climate control system further enhances the car’s adaptability to extreme racing conditions.

Performance Beyond Limits

With its W16 engine generating 1,600 PS at 7,000rpm and 1,600 Nm from 2,250rpm, the Bolide’s performance is unmatched. Weighing just 1,450 kg and boasting nearly 3,000 kg of downforce at maximum speed, it delivers a dynamic and track-focused driving experience. Yet, it doesn’t compromise on comfort, offering features like climate control, power steering, and ergonomically designed seats.

Bolide owners can expect exceptional drivability, thanks to the torque output throughout the W16’s optimized rev range and performance-focused tires and carbon brakes. The power steering system, pumping 60 litres of fluid per minute, ensures precise steering control. Every aspect of the Bugatti Bolide has been meticulously designed and tested to deliver unmatched performance, safety, and comfort, offering an unforgettable driving experience for its fortunate pilots.

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