Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition: The Ultimate Luxury Smartwatch

Bugatti Smartwatches has launched its latest masterpiece, the Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition smartwatch.

This latest offering is the third watch in the series and is a must-have for those seeking both luxury and functionality. As with Bugatti’s range of hyper sports cars, only the very best materials, design, and craftsmanship are acceptable.

Impressive Battery Life

One of the most impressive features of the Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition is its large 585mAh battery. This battery provides up to three days of battery life in always-on mode and up to 15 days in normal mode without GPS activities.

This means users can go for longer periods without worrying about recharging the device, making it an ideal companion for people on the go.

Accurate Heart Rate Readings

The watch includes the newest HR sensor generation, which provides accurate heart rate readings for improved fitness tracking. This feature is perfect for fitness enthusiasts who want to keep track of their health goals.

Super Sport Bezel

The Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition comes with a new super sport bezel that is black and green. This bezel adds to the watch’s overall magnificent design, making it an impressive accessory to add to any wardrobe.

Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition: The Ultimate Luxury Smartwatch

The watch itself is made from grade 5 Titanium, with a Zirconium ceramic bezel and a 390*390px AMOLED touch screen that is covered by sapphire glass, making it both lightweight and durable.

Customizable Straps

The watch comes with a choice of five straps, including four Nylon straps, each designed to fit one specific watch, and one silicone strap that fits all watches. This allows users to customize their watch to their liking and fit their unique style. The Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition is not just a watch, but a fashion statement as well.

New Features

Other new features of the Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition include music control, Apple Health integration, and new watch faces and colours. With music control, users can easily play, pause, and skip songs directly from their wrist.

The Apple Health integration feature allows for easy monitoring of fitness and health goals. The new watch faces and colours offer more customization options, allowing users to find a style that suits their personality.

Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition: The Ultimate Luxury Smartwatch

Five-Year Warranty

Bugatti Smartwatches stand behind the quality of their products. As a testament to the quality of every Bugatti Smartwatch, a five-year warranty is provided – a new standard for smartwatches offered only by Bugatti.


The new Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition is available for pre-order on the Bugatti Smartwatches website. Customers have the option to purchase the smartwatch with one bezel or a full set, containing all four bezels and matching watch nylon straps as well as a silicone watch strap for activities.

In conclusion, the Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition smartwatch is a remarkable piece of technology that combines both luxury and functionality. With its impressive battery life, HR sensor, and stylish design, it is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a high-end smartwatch that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

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