Bugatti London’s Excellence in Hyper Car Care

Bugatti enthusiasts and hyper sports car aficionados in the United Kingdom now have a reason to rejoice. The prestigious Bugatti Partner based in London has unveiled a cutting-edge aftersales facility, strategically located amidst the opulent ateliers of Mayfair.

As the sole Bugatti Service Partner of Excellence in the UK, this newly inaugurated 554 sqm establishment, situated just North of London, is solely dedicated to the meticulous care and maintenance of Bugatti hyper sports cars, ensuring absolute peace of mind for discerning customers across the nation.

Bugatti London's Excellence in Hyper Car Care

The Epitome of Technical Prowess

This London facility boasts an impressive array of seven advanced bays equipped with the latest technological marvels and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. An exceptional team of Bugatti-trained experts stands ready to provide impeccable servicing and repairs for the illustrious Bugatti models encompassing the Chiron, and Veyron 16.4 families, as well as the iconic EB110 and EB110SS.

To preserve peak performance, reliability, and the manufacturer’s warranty, Bugatti’s skilled technicians employ bespoke high-tech tools and equipment designed exclusively for Bugatti hyper sports cars, including four hydraulic ramps. To minimize any inconvenience to customers, Bugatti London extends a bespoke chauffeur-driven collection service, along with a diverse fleet of prestigious loan cars. With the number of Bugatti hyper sports cars in the UK steadily on the rise, the London facility remains the focal point of Bugatti’s operations in the country.

Bugatti London's Excellence in Hyper Car Care

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

The Bugatti London Service team comprises highly skilled professionals who received direct training at Bugatti’s headquarters in Molsheim. Many among them boast over a decade of hands-on experience working with Bugatti automobiles. Their intricate knowledge, further bolstered by intensive model-specific training imparted by the very craftsmen who originally crafted these vehicles in Molsheim, ensures that every Bugatti entrusted to their care is maintained in a state of pristine perfection.

Alexis Ploix, Bugatti’s recently appointed Director of Aftersales and Customer Service, expressed, “The facility that Bugatti London has created is one of the most advanced aftersales sites, perfectly in line with our commitment to deliver the very best service experience for our customers. Our constant development of the partner and aftersales network ensures that each and every step of owning a Bugatti is incomparable – just as our founder, Ettore, had always wanted it to be – but also impeccable.”

Bugatti London's Excellence in Hyper Car Care

He continued, “Underpinning Bugatti’s unrivalled commitment to customer service is the brand’s ‘Power is in the small details’ approach. Individually and as a collective global network, including within our expanded operations in London, we follow a mantra that recognizes the smallest detail within a Bugatti hyper sports car can have the biggest impact; there is nobody in the world that knows every single detail of a Bugatti hyper sports car better than our teams. This is a core focus point that we will never lose sight of.”

Excellence in Service

As one of only six global Service Partners of Excellence, Bugatti London possesses unparalleled expertise in both routine maintenance tasks and the intricacies of specialized repairs.

Bugatti London places the utmost priority on its customers and offers an array of services to deliver the ultimate Bugatti ownership experience. The ‘Passeport Tranquillité’ program, for instance, extends the service and warranty coverage by up to an additional four years. Moreover, the ‘Certified Pre-Owned’ program provides assurance to individuals opting for a current Veyron or Chiron through an authorized Bugatti Partner. It guarantees that the vehicle they acquire adheres to Bugatti’s uncompromisingly high standards. Bugatti’s ‘Certified Pre-Owned’ not only encompasses one service but also includes a 12-month limited vehicle warranty.

Bugatti London's Excellence in Hyper Car Care

In close collaboration with Bugatti Aftersales in Molsheim, Bugatti London offers customers the unique opportunity to personalize or refurbish their Veyron and Chiron models at the very site where these masterpieces were originally assembled. This involves an extensive range of customization options and features, including revamped interiors with fresh colours and materials, the addition of new accessories, and updated exterior finishes and colours. In essence, the personalization of a Bugatti masterpiece is virtually limitless.

Owning a Bugatti hyper sports car has never been this exceptional. With Bugatti London’s unwavering commitment to excellence and attention to detail, every Bugatti owner in the UK can be assured of a driving experience that truly befits the Bugatti legacy.

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