Bugatti Announce Service Excellence Programme Awards Winners

Bugatti, the iconic luxury car brand, has recently announced the winners of its Service Excellence Programme Awards for 2022.

These awards recognize the commitment of Bugatti Service Partners worldwide, who are entrusted with maintaining the most advanced automotive creations ever developed.

The awards celebrate the best of the best, highlighting those who foster close and trustworthy relationships with customers, thereby enhancing the Bugatti ownership experience.

The Bugatti Service Excellence Programme offers four prizes in total, including three regional awards – one each for North America, Europe, and the Middle East and Asia region – and one global award, designated the World Best Performing Service Partner, which is selected from the three regional winners.

Regional Winners

In North America, Bugatti Greenwich was recognized as the Regional Best Performing Bugatti Service Partner.

Bugatti Announce Service Excellence Programme Awards Winners

In Europe, Bugatti Zurich claimed the top spot. In the Middle East and Asia region, Bugatti Singapore was named the Best Performing Bugatti Partner.

According to Trevor HodgsonPhillips, Global After Sales Business Manager for Bugatti, the competition was intense because each of the partners throughout the world is passionate about delivering an incomparable ownership experience to customers.

He added that there was little to separate the top 10 in North America, the top eight in Europe, and the top three in the Middle East and Asia, as they were very closely matched.

Awards and Recognition

Each of the winning teams received a Bugatti Service Excellence Programme certificate, a beautifully intricate glass trophy, and a fine dining experience hosted by Trevor and the Bugatti brand to celebrate their success and hard work.

The awards ultimately recognize that delivering a consistently high standard of service requires the input of the entire team.

Global Winner

Despite strong performances from all three regional winners, Bugatti Zurich ultimately emerged as the overall and outright World Best Performing Bugatti Service Partner award winner.

Eligio Camiña, the After Sales Director, said that winning the Regional Best Performing Bugatti Service award was a superb recognition for the team at Bugatti Zurich.

Bugatti Announce Service Excellence Programme Awards Winners

He added that being named the Bugatti Global Service Partner of the Year was a dream come true for all of them at Bugatti Zurich. He further stated that this title is a recognition of how they see after-sales and customer service operations working perfectly in sync with Bugatti’s brand values, and vision, and striving for perfection.

He emphasized that making a Bugatti masterpiece is a team effort, and no one person makes a Bugatti customer feel special, unique and loved.

Trevor HodgsonPhillips remarked that the hyper sports cars from Bugatti define what it means to be at the pinnacle of driving performance, luxury, and design. He added that Bugatti wants to ensure that at every stage of a customer’s journey with the brand, it is delivering incomparable experiences – both at the point of sale and throughout the lifetime of the car.

He further noted that across the Bugatti Service Partners, they see the extraordinary dedication to going above and beyond, with a calibre so consistent all over the world that almost every Bugatti Partner could be considered a winner.


Bugatti hyper sports cars are built with a vision to be timeless heirlooms enjoyed hundreds of years into the future. The after-sales experience is a crucial part of this process, ensuring that a Bugatti is always maintained in perfect working order and can be driven to its full ability.

Many years after a car is first delivered by the craftspeople of the Atelier in Molsheim, it will still feel as new as the day it was built, thanks to the work of passionate Bugatti Service Partners all over the world.

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