Cannabis Legal Status in Different Countries

Most countries are clear about the status of cannabis, but some create incredibly contradictory laws. For example, the cultivation of marijuana may be allowed, but its sale or use is not. In short, there are many nuances. In this article from the HighTHC Shop blog, we will analyze how it works in different countries and where you can safely use cannabis.

Top 5 Countries With Recreational Cannabis

There are several countries where weed possession or use has been decriminalized (Switzerland, Spain, some US states, Slovenia). That is, it used to be considered a crime, but now, the law has changed, and people are not prosecuted for it.

However, there are still some restrictions. For example, in Portugal, you can possess recreational cannabis (it is decriminalized), but no more than 25 grams. For the Czech Republic, it is 10 g, and for Colombia — 22 g.

But this is not the same as legalization. Decriminalization basically means that you can keep some weed for personal use or grow a few bushes. If cannabis is legalized, then, in most cases, you can buy and consume it freely. So, let’s find out where you can do it.

Cannabis Legal Status in Different Countries

1. Netherlands

This is the first country that comes to mind when you think of cannabis in Europe. But here’s the thing: in the Netherlands, not everything is as legal as it seems at first glance (although they have started on this path). Here are the rules:

  • You can buy and consume weed in special establishments (coffee shops).
  • You can store up to 5 grams of marijuana for personal use.
  • You can grow up to 5 bushes for personal use.
  • Coffee shops that sell marijuana-based products are prohibited from selling alcohol.

The paradox is that retail sales of cannabis are not legally permitted, although coffee shops receive special licenses to distribute it. Essentially, they buy marijuana on the black market, but this is not prosecuted.

In 2023, the government launched a pilot program in some regions to legally supply cannabis to coffee shops. Three selected suppliers will deliver weed to coffee shops, and the latter will be able to legally store up to 500 g of cannabis. At the same time, they are allowed to use the services of their previous illegal suppliers.

2. Canada

Canadian laws on cannabis are similar to those on alcohol: for example, drunk driving is punishable. 

Only licensed producers are allowed to grow weed, and only licensed sellers are allowed to sell it.

In most provinces, it is allowed to grow up to four cannabis bushes for personal use (an important nuance: four bushes are not per person but for the whole family). Adults can transport up to 30 grams of marijuana within the country, as well as consume it with food, drink, or in any other way.

If you want to buy cannabis in Canada, you must be 19 years old. However, if you are in Alberta, you must be 18. But in Quebec, it is available only from the age of 21.

3. Mexico

Mexican laws allow consuming cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. Moreover, consumption in public places is not prohibited. Although from an ethical point of view, it is better not to smoke around strangers so as not to create discomfort for them.

If you are 18 years old, you can possess up to 5 grams of weed and grow up to 6 bushes.

Legally, the sale of marijuana in Mexico is prohibited, but in fact, it is easy to buy it, even from street vendors. At the same time, a network of dispensaries, cafés, and bars where you can smoke weed is actively developing here.

4. Thailand

Thailand allows recreational cannabis, so it can be consumed freely. You can buy weed in legal stores or dispensaries, and certified restaurants serve cannabis dishes.

There are a few rules regarding its use:

  • You must be over 20 years old.
  • You are not allowed to consume cannabis if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You can’t smoke in public places so as not to cause discomfort to people around you. 

For public smocking, you can get a fine of about $750 and imprisonment for up to 3 months.

5. Malta

In Malta, you can possess, consume, and distribute cannabis — it’s legal if you follow a few rules. First, you have to be at least 18 years old. Second, one household can have either 50 grams of dry weed or up to 4 bushes. Thirdly, cannabis enthusiasts can unite in Cannabis Social Clubs, which allow distributing 7 grams of weed a day per person (but no more than 50 grams per month). Fourth, you can’t smoke it in public.

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Cannabis Legal Status in Different Countries

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