Caring for Your New Ebike: Tips from Experts

So, you’re about to buy a flashy new ebike or have one already. And now you’re looking into how to best maintain it. You’ve come to the right place! Based on our experience and user feedback that we collected from all types of ebike users and in all major cities, here’s a list of tips and tricks for better ebike care, maintenance, and upkeep to ensure that yours keeps delivering as much as possible for as long as possible!

Without further ado, let’s get right into the tips.

General Tips

First, let’s look into the basics. These are some tips that you should always follow regardless of which make and model you have.

  • Dirt should not become engrained on your bike. Some trips will have your bike accumulate more dirt than others. At the same time, trips to beaches and seas can lead to quicker corrosion. Basically, your trip type and frequency determine how regularly you should take preventive measures for your ebike.
  • Most of the tips that apply to the repair of regular bikes apply here as well. We even know users who are using a normal bike with a conversion kit electric bike to transform it into an ebike, so their care routine is exactly the same as before!
  • If you’re planning to not use your ebike for a while, you should remove the battery and display, and store them at room temperature. This is especially important in winter. The storage temperature should not be more than 20 degrees or less than 10 degrees.

Combating Wear & Tear

Most components in an electric bike are mechanical parts that experience wear and tear the more they are used. One thing you cannot change is the quality or durability of parts unless you custom mod yours—So, you’re pretty much stuck with a baseline parts quality depending on what model you purchased.

But there are ways to keep your parts working efficiently for longer.

  • The ebike wheel is made of high-quality materials but it’s also the one part that bears all your weight and pushes against different types of road materials. It needs to be maintained regularly to ensure optimum performance.
  • Offroading stresses the chains a lot. If you often go off-road or switch gears a lot, you must lubricate the chain of your ebike regularly. Heavy riders lubricate before every ride. The best way to lubricate the chain is to spray it on the free region (not near either end where the brake discs are). If there’s any excess, clean it with a rag.


Use bike shampoos from specialist stores. They don’t affect the seals and plastics, which are critical in any ebike. If you want to go completely DIY, then mixing a washing or detergent liquid in water could be used.

Never choose a very powerful chemical. Any aggressive degreaser is a big no. Keep your washing product choices limited to mild ones.

The process is simple:

  1. First, clean your bike with a dry cloth and get rid of any dust and dirt buildup on the frame, wheels, and handles.
  2. Cover any permanent displays. If the display can be removed, remove it. Always remove the battery.
  3. Normally wash the bike with regular water once.
  4. Inspect all parts and see which ones need closer attention.
  5. Get a bucket ready with a mixture of washing powder and water.
  6. Dip a microfiber cloth into the bucket and squeeze it until it’s just wet and not dripping with water.
  7. Clean the problem areas or the whole frame—It’s up to you.
  8. The ebike’s wheel rims need special care.

Note that you should not use a jet wash. Pressurized water can penetrate the motor’s internal parts, damaging the functionality or the frame of the ebike.

It’s okay if water runs into the battery mount. It’s designed to automatically drain off any water to keep the contacts dry. Just double-check if the mount and contacts are clean and wipe with a dry cloth. For added protection, you might want to apply technical Vaseline to the contacts before you begin washing.

Do’s & Don’ts

 Ebikes are generally very durable and weather-proof. Still, it’s important to keep some do’s and don’ts in mind while operating your bike so that it keeps performing at the same level for longer.

Here are some common tips along those lines:

  • Power off the bike when not being used.
  • Ride with as little weight as possible.
  • Check tire pressure regularly.
  • Avoid abrupt braking. Braking and stopping are handled inefficiently.
  • Make sure the socket provides the recommended voltage for charging.
  • Always ride with a cadence of 50+ RPM for the best efficiency and longevity.
  • Use a damp cloth and brush to clean a disconnected battery.
  • Very cold conditions reduce range.
  • The motor is waterproof. Don’t try to take it apart.

Wrapping Up

Whether you have a top-end ebike or a regular bike converted into an electric with a 24-inch electric bike conversion kit, you need to maintain a schedule for servicing your ebike or checking it for any damages.

Caring for any ebike is simple. Don’t forget, most ebikes are built with a high standard of parts quality and durability in mind for longevity and performance. You can easily wash them, repair them, and so on. But don’t treat them the same as regular bikes.

Keep in mind all specifics we discussed and your ebike will thank you!

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