Casino and Charity: How Gambling Establishments Help Communities and Charities

The gambling industry is one of the biggest and fastest growing in the world. This is especially true of the online industry, where new online casinos offering 20 euro no deposit bonus casino and various game developers are constantly emerging. Obviously, there is a lot of money to be made in this sector and everyone is eager to take part in such games.

Of course, gambling cannot be called the most productive of industries and it is often attacked because of big losses of players. Casinos will never get rid of this image completely, no matter what, but they can at least remedy the situation a little by getting more involved in charitable activities.

Recent trends in the gambling industry have been positive. A growing number of gambling companies are putting aside a portion of their profits to help valiant charitable efforts, and this is exactly the kind of trend that is interesting to watch.

Gambling Companies Support Charities

Casino and Charity: How Gambling Establishments Help Communities and Charities

In the past, some gambling companies have been accused of giving “offensive” sums to charities, especially charities that are directly involved in helping people with gambling problems. Fortunately, the situation in this area has been much better in recent years.

Last year, for example, the five largest members of the UK Betting and Gambling Council pledged to donate £100m to GambleAware, a non-profit organisation that aims to help people with gambling problems. While this may not be a large sum for a group that includes brands such as Sky, Betfair and PaddyPower, it is at least a step in the right direction.

There’s also the case of Erik Bergman, founder of Catena Media, one of the biggest companies in online gambling, who has set up a brand new company that donates 100% of its revenue to charity.

There are also smaller american online casinos that accept uk players who contribute to this niche. They give part of their profits to charities.

A Positive Trend With Great Potential

The gambling industry is highly regarded around the world, and as a form of entertainment, it certainly deserves attention, despite the dangers it harbours.

Therefore, the fact that the iGaming sector is turning more to charity is probably the best development we could have expected. It’s no secret that some of these companies make huge profits, and they can certainly afford to give some of them away and help make the world a better place.

One could argue that they do this only for marketing reasons or because they are legally obliged to do so, but it doesn’t matter. Their contribution helps realise some worthwhile goals and improve some people’s lives. Whatever their motivation, they end up making the world a little better, and that can only be a positive thing!

Is It Legal to Gamble for Charitable Purposes?

The UKGC answers this question succinctly. You can raise money for charity through gambling, but you need to make sure you’re not breaking the law. According to UKGC guidance, charitable iGaming providers in the UK do not need a licence to carry out such activities.

However, guests must be informed of the purpose the event supports, that proceeds from the event go to a specific cause.

The Commission sets out the following guidance on fundraising through gambling:

  • Fundraising through lotteries or raffles at events. Raffles or raffles are permitted at fairs, charity events, concerts or exhibitions.
  • Fundraising with 100 Clubs (and above). A 100 Club (may also be called a 200 Club, 500 Club and beyond) is a group of individuals who raise money for a good cause by holding private raffles.
  • Fundraising through race nights. Race evenings may be held to raise money for charitable purposes.
  • Fundraising with colleagues, life companions or members of an organisation. Any raffles not held for charitable purposes are prohibited.
  • Fundraising through bingo, casino, poker or race nights. Individuals are permitted to raise funds for charity through bingo or poker nights, subject to the rules laid down by the Commission.
  • Fundraising through small public raffles. Small public lotteries with winnings of less than £20,000 do not require a licence, but must be registered with the local authority depending on where the society is registered.
Casino and Charity: How Gambling Establishments Help Communities and Charities


Gambling has a long history with charities, and charitable gambling activities are not going away anytime soon. Despite the ever-changing landscape of the gambling industry, charity gambling has become an important part of the gambling industry as a whole.

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