CBD Payment Processing Options Ranked Worst To Best

In order to promote your CBD goods online, you likely already have good knowledge about cannabidiol as well as its growing prominence in the medical and healthcare industry. CBD goods, including oils, pills, supplements, and cosmetic remedies, are being offered in an ever-growing variety of brick-and-mortar retailers and online eCommerce sites in order to fulfill customer desire for products.

In order to execute business activities lawfully, you will need to be informed of the regulations in place in this high-risk industry.

CBD companies have four primary choices for processing:

Credit Card Processing For Domestic Customers

CBD Payment Processing Options Ranked Worst To Best

As a result, just one bank remains that can offer this service, and it’s Elavon. Don’t spend your time registering before the dust has settled for organizations that haven’t filed a request or aren’t making nearly $200,000 per month in earnings.

A High-Risk Processor Is Required For CBD

CBD is a high-risk sector, even though it is lawful in most versions across the majority of the United States. For now, the FDA’s regulatory framework is mostly undefined in this market. Your offline and online CBD shop may be successful despite the risks if you are willing to take advantage of them.

CBD is a highly regulated cannabinoid, which means that any product containing it is high-risk by virtue of the regulations. As a consequence, most payment processors may be hesitant to engage with businesses. But having a CBD merchant account with shark processing can easily solve all these problems in one single step, as they are one of the best services providers of CBD merchant account services.

A few unscrupulous CBD producers are making things difficult for everyone else by discouraging payment processors from engaging with digital CBD vendors. What’s the answer? Locating a high-risk processor who’s not even scared to help you set up a payment channel so that you can do a trade like every low-risk firm.

E-Check For Domestic Use

Companies of all sizes may take advantage of local e-check solutions. As a result, this alternate payment option has been mainly untouched by current adjustments. Extra monthly and installation costs accompany e-check processing, which is often less expensive than using an overseas processor.

Paying Using A Credit Card From A Foreign Country

CBD Payment Processing Options Ranked Worst To Best

Companies of all sizes may take advantage of this opportunity in Europe, where CBD regulations have been relatively lenient. Nevertheless, situations have become tender over the last week. MasterCard now requires that EU merchants have an EU location in handling MasterCard payments, and it’s safe to assume that Visa will follow suit before the year ends.

Terminals For Accepting Payments

If you’re using an online payment terminal on-site, you may have been in luck. Pharmacies employ this as their standard method. The funds from the swipe card are sent as a direct deposit to your bank account by using this device.

When Choosing A CBD Payment Processor, What Should You Look For?

A reputable payment processor will be necessary even if your firm is just responsible for selling CBD-based items. For those who are looking for a reliable CBD merchant account issuer, here is what you need to search for in a payment processor:

Helps CBD E-commerce Enterprises Grow

Make sure the CBD payment processor is capable of delivering complex transactions before anything else. This is because perhaps the CBD sector is vulnerable to credit card theft and refunds, which is why this is happening. Few payment processing businesses are ready to take a chance on this transaction since the sector is still in a legal quagmire.

Supporting payment gateway solutions are needed in a number of high-risk businesses, such as:

Adult goods and services are available

Playing online

In the world of internet dating


Corporate sales

Traveling services

Products such as pharmaceuticals, etc.

CBD Payment Processing Options Ranked Worst To Best

Fees Are Low

Several high-risk businesses are anxious for payment processors. Hence many payment processors demand absurd prices. CBD payment processing costs start at 4.2 percent every transaction, according to a recent study.

So it’s crucial to select a merchant account that is less expensive than the accounts provided by many other issuers and that does not hide costs that will increase over time.

It would be best to determine whether you can manage to pay the fees imposed by the payment gateway. And look for a supplier that fits inside your profitability. Before utilizing a payment processor, you should check to see if there are any extra costs associated with refunds.

The Payment Processor Is Very Simple To Integrate

To employ a payment processor, you’d have to move your online business to a new infrastructure. A lot of work and money has been put into building your CBD store, and therefore these steps are quite noteworthy. When looking for an eCommerce solution, make sure you choose one that allows you to seamlessly integrate its processing system into your current platform.

When your business grows, you’ll want to work with payment processors that provide these solutions. Because of this, Bridges can be linked into practically any platform, allowing our customers to take payments while staying on their console. Most payment processors use payment gateway API connectivity.

As the company president, you can keep an eye on how your eCommerce shop appears from a consumer’s viewpoint by using an API-based payment method.

Support For The Customer

Online purchases for products might be risky, so it’s essential to plan for something worse. Did you notice that organizations with established fraud protection strategies saved 42 percent on the costs of responding to a fraudulent attack?

Inquire about dispute resolution policies and fraud prevention measures before deciding on a payment platform to use for your business.

CBD Payment Processing Options Ranked Worst To Best

Accepting All Card Payments Is Also A Good Rule Of Thumb

If the processor cannot accept a certain credit card brand, you’re essentially back where you have been. Debit card payments are preferred by 44 percent of individuals in a Harris Poll poll. Search for a payment gateway that accepts all the card payments in order to avoid any confusion.


If you want to optimize profitability and client retention levels, you have to get to the top of things in the CBD market. You won’t have to worry about admin tasks, bookkeeping, or general company maintenance with such a payment processor anymore.

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