Cheap Parking Near Sky Harbor Airport

Phoenix. Arizona’s largest city, a vibrant capital of technology and commerce and the proud jewel of the Valley of the Sun. This metropolis is serviced by Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, an increasingly important link for air travel for Arizonans and increasingly farther markets.

With destinations such as Denver, Seattle, Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and as the eleventh busiest airport in the entire world, you might find yourself planning a trip through Sky Harbor soon. With this task comes the major hurdle of navigating airport parking, and for longer trips this can be an expensive affair. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our guide on cheap parking around Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Sky Harbor Airport Parking

The first option to consider, and our reference point is going to be the airport parking itself. Phoenix Sky Harbor offers a number of parking options on location. These are going to be the best options for those travelers who favor the least amount of moving parts, proximity, and simplicity. Your flight and parking, all in the same location, and the walk from the gate to your car can’t get shorter than this.

At Sky Harbor Airport Parking, there is on-site parking as rented out by the airport near terminal three and terminal four, allowing for easy access to the major carriers such as Alaska, Air Canada, American, Delta, Frontier, British Airways, Southwest, Spirit, and United. Rates here are a little higher, going at $14 a day at the uncovered Economy lots, $16 a day at the Economy garages and $30 a day for the Terminal 3 and 4 garages.

The Terminal garages are the only ones that provide that close, walkable access to check-in, as the other Economy lots are serviced by shuttle, like many other off-site options. In addition, there is even the seasonally available Park & Walk, going for the low rate of $9 a day. Travellers who place a priority on access will consider their money well spent.

For those on shorter trips, the price difference between the Premium, Valet, and regular Terminal parking options is not as large-so we recommend going for the Valet and Premium options. It is a small difference for considerably closer, more convenient parking.

Parking With On Air Parking 

The rates at Sky Harbor can seem quite steep to some and might be open to working with a third-party service. For those who are wanting to save money and park with a reputable, trusted, and professional service, On Air Parking is our second option to consider. On Air Parking teams up with lots all over the nation and beyond to help travellers secure and find the best lots in safe, well-staffed and convenient locations for every budget and preference.

Their lots can average extremely low in prices in the Phoenix area, but offer a range of parking lots from super-economical, no-frills parking lots to lots that are well supported, well lit, protected, and staffed.

With On Air Parking, it is as simple as booking online, getting an email, parking, and you’re ready to go. No need to fight through the congestion at the airport (especially during peak travel season) nor struggle with luggage bursting under the weight limit after a long flight with this lot. If this particular lot doesn’t have what you seek, no worries. On Air Parking works with many lots throughout the Phoenix area. Their customer service hours are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern time for any inquiries, and can be reached at 888-487-2754.

 Parking with ParkwayParking

Lastly, we have ParkwayParking, another local option working specifically with many hotels in the area. For those who are traveling and want the amenities and refreshment of a night’s stay at a hotel with a place to keep their car, parking at a hotel is a great option. Even without booking a room, those who rent a lot with this hotel get a cozy waiting lounge, WiFi access and clean restrooms all to use—waiting for the shuttle comfortably.

The shuttle runs every thirty minutes Monday to Friday and is a short ride to the terminal. However, the shuttle does not run from midnight to 6 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. For other hotel parking options, we recommend dropping in on their website.

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